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Kings: G

Goban, Gobannus, Gobhan Saor, Gobhan Saer, Gobniu, Goibniu Mac Lurgnech, Gofynyon Hên ap Dôn, Mac y Gaauin (Ancient Smith) Gwyddneu Astrus, Gwyddno Garanhir (Tough Shank, Crane-like One)
Men call’d him Gobhan Saer, and many a tale
Yet lingers in the by-ways of the land
Of how he cleft the rock, or down the vale
Led the bright river, child-like, in his hand:
Of how on giant ships he spread great sail,
And many marvels else by him first plann’d – Charles Squire

Now the Fomorians: Those from Under the Sea marvelled at a certain thing which was revealed to them in the battle. Their spears & their swords were blunted & broken & such of their men as were slain did not return on the morrow. But it was not so with the Tuatha De: People of the Water from Heaven. For though their weapons were blunted & broken today, they were renewed on the morrow, because Goibnu the smith was in the forge making swords & spears & javelins. For he would make those weapons by 3 turns. Then Luchta the wright would make the spearshafts by 3 chippings. Then Credne the brazier: brass-maker would make the rivets by 3 turns & would cast the rings of the spears to them; & thus they used to cleave together. This then is what they used to put fire into the warriors who were slain. Because Diancecht: Strong Plow & his 2 sons, Octriuil & Miach: Honorable, & his daughter Airmed: Measure of Seeds sang spells over the well named Slane: Health. Now their mortally wounded men were cast into it as soon as they were slain. They were alive when they came out. – (Da) Cath Maigh Tured: The Second Grain Harvest (Battle) of the Plain of Frost

(pron. gwiv nih u) Tuátha dé Danann: People of the Water from Heaven god of Smiths. His ale keeps whoever tastes it from age, sickness, and death. He has a Cow of Plenty that gives milk. Balor stole the cow and the god Cian: Clear Water was sent to recover it.

Druim na Teine: The Ridge of Fire is the home of the 3 brothers, Goibniu: Smith, Samthainn: Summer, and Cian: Clear Water.

Goibniu forged weapons at the Caith Maigh Tuiredh: Second Grain Harvest of the Plain of Frost. The Fomorian god Ruádán: Red Alder, son of Bres: Moon and Brigid: Power was sent to spy on him and wounded him with a spear. Goibniu plucked out the spear threw it at Ruádán: Red Alder and killed him.

Goibniu wanders the country, dressed like the Greek Hephaestus, whom he resembles, seeking commissions & adventures. His son is called Young Gobhan and together they build Balor’s palace.

Gwyddno is a giant with limbs as thick as a man’s waist. He owns the Mwys Gwyddno: Gwyddno’s Hamper that can provide food for 100 people. It is one of the 13 treasures of the Isle of Britain and was demanded by the Giant Ysbaddaden in the Legend of Culwch ac Olwen. He created the Sacred Salmon Net from the spun beard of Mamos, the first Druid. Its handle is a rod of gold. His salmon-weir (a fence of stakes or broken branches put in a stream or channel to catch fish) is near Aberystwyth, close by his castle. Each May eve he gives the right to net his weir to a friend. (102, 150, 203)

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