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Celtic Hags 8

[Straif: Blackthorn Ogham]Whuppity Stoorie, Mally Whuppy (Dust of the Earth) Whuppity Scourie (Mother Earth) Mally, Molly, Moll, Mwl, Mollycoddle (Dust) Aschenputtel (Cinderella) (Mossycoat) Cailleach Càlltuinn (Hags of Hazel) [Cuillen (Holly) Be Chuille (Holly Tree) // Caev’og (Beloved) // Àirne, Irinenn, Eirinen Ddu Fach, Eirin, Irinenn (Sloe, Blackthorn Fruit, Plum) Erni, Éirne, Erne, Éirne (Rising) Irnan, Iarnach, Ernine (Smooth Beaten Iron) Loch Hourn Monster (Iron Lake Monster) // Coll (Hazel)]

When the giant was gone, Mally Whuppy began to shout, “I am in the light! I am in the light! I am in the city of gold!”

When the bracken hung crisp and golden on the hills they were married. “From now on you must spin me twelve hanks of thread each day.” During the week that followed, the lady rose early each morning and sat herself down before the spinning-wheel, with a heap of shining flax by her side. But though she turned the wheel from the time the sunlight first struck the heather on the hills until it grew dusk, she did not spin one good hank of thread. ...She left her room and went out to the brae-side to wander among the bracken and the heather. She sat down on a flat grey stone in the shade of a scarlet-berried rowan-tree. She heard a faint sound of music; she rolled away the stone, to find that it had concealed the entrance to a green cave in the hill-side. Peering inside the cave, she was surprised to see six wee ladies in green gowns, all sitting round in a circle. One of them had little spinning-wheel before her an as the shuttle clacked busily to and fro she sang:
“Little kens my dame at hame.
That Whippety Stoorie is my name.”
 She noticed that all their six mouths were as lop-sided as a fir-tree leaning agianst the wind. Later at the castle: “ Would you mind telling me,” he asked of them, “why it is that your mouths are all as lop-sided?” Then the six wee ladies burst into loud, lopsided laughter and Whippety Stourie herself replied: “Och, it’s with our constant spin-spin-spinning. For we’re all of us great ones for the spinning, and there’s no surer way to a lop-sided mouth.” The husband burnt the spinning wheel.

Erni is one of the Hags of Hazel, daughters of Conaran & the Hag of Bheara Fertility goddesses of healing & inspiration who stand next to the Well of Knowledge; a taste of the water brings power. They leave changlings. If they want to seize a mortal which power they had as the sun-god could take men to himself they caused him to give them certain tokens by which he delivered himself into their hands. They might be milk & fire.
As Hags they have: long, spiky, ink-black hair & beards, hairy bodies, deadly black lipped smiles, red eyes, thin necks, spiked nails, yellow fanged teeth who live in the Cave of Conoran weaving a magic web off a shuttle of holly. Erni is keeper of the treasures of the Goddess Medb Cruachan.
The cave of Cruachan in Connaught is the province given to Fomorian Giants after the battle of Moytura: Plain of Frost, called the hell-gate of Ireland, unlocked on November Eve to let out spirits and copper-colored birds. Loch Éirne, Ireland. She can take the form of a 60 foot long black-headed sea serpent seen off the coast of Scotland. Erni, Cuillen & Caev’Og’s symbols are three thistles. (6, 17, 41, 58)

(pron. MAWL-LEE, ER neen, AYRN yeh) British hag with green gown, white lace apron, beaver hat, shiny cane and black bag who can revive the dead in exchange for children. Children can defeat her by saying her name. In her goddess aspect her feast day is March 1st, Cymhortha. People go out and tap the earth three times to awaken her. A popular drink is sloe gin. It is gin mixed with blackthorn fruit and sugar. Her symbol is a sow. Stoor: means dust in gaelic.

 Lanark, Fife: Scotland. The church-bells are silent in winter and ring at 6 pm on March 1st. Children run around the church three times and twirl a paper ball attached to a string over their heads. Afterwards they scramble for pennies in a toss.

 In Mally Whuppy she is the youngest of three daughters. Her widow mother bakes them bannocks: divine sow cakes and she asks for the littlest half and her bendith y mamau: mother’s blessing while her two sisters take large halves and a curse. Mally Whuppy is given all of the halves and her angry sisters tie her to a stone rock, a peat stack, and a tree. Mother’s blessing frees her each time. At a giant’s house he plots to kill them as they are sleeping and take their blood. They exchange their horsehair necklaces for the three amber collars of the giant’s three brown daughters to save themselves. She then leaves the house, kindles fire from the stones with her heels and passes over four rivers the giant can’t cross.

 In Mossycoat she is given a white satin dress with sprigs of gold, a silk dress the color of the birds of the air, silver slippers, and a coat of green moss and golden thread that has the power of wishing. She takes the position of a scullery maid who is abused and covered with soot at a local castle. A three night dance is held. She puts the servants into a trance, changes clothes, and goes to dance with the prince.

 The second night the prince tries to grab her as she rises into the air, touches her foot and seizes her silver slipper. He discovers her after the shoe has been tried on by all the women of the kingdom.

  Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels Devil With A Blue Dress On: People of the Blue Petticoat [Fee Fie Fo Fum / Pearls / Diamond Ring / Wears Chanel #5 / Finest Girl Alive] blends into Good Golly Miss Molly [House of Blue Light] (47, 50,58, 63, 71, 76, 79, 80, 102, 140, 183)

Celyn ferch Cei, Kelyn (Holly) Celemon, Kelemon, Callydon (From the Wood) Cellsach, Ceallsach, Cellach, Ceallach, Kelly (Bright Headed) Milucradh ní Cuilinn (Hag of the Waters) Ffland ní Flidais (Lake Maiden) Be Teite, Beteide (Luxurious Woman)
(pron. KEL-uhn KAL-sach, KYAL akh) Daughter of the stag-goddess Flidais Morgelyn: Sea Holly, Ynys Celydonn: Scotland, Celedonnes, Greece named after her. She turned king Fionn into an old man by water from Lake Sliabh Cullin because he fell in love with her sister Aine rather than her. She takes the form of a grey fawn running across the plain. At her lake she is a beautiful young girl with golden hair, skin as white as lime and eyes like the stars in time of frost. She lost her red-gold ring off her finger and put Finn under bonds to bring it back to her out of the lake. Cuilinn of Cuailigne, some say was Manannan, son of Lir, came out of the hill holding a red gold vessel. Finn drank the potion and regained his shape. His hair, that used to be so fair and so beautiful, like the hair of a woman, never got its own color again. Her son is Fear Og: the Young Man with the king of Ulster’s son. She wears a cloak. When her son died she keened at his grave for a year. She later died of grief and she was buried at the same green hill: Slieve Cuilinn. Hares are seen there. In the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh: First Battle of the Plain of Frost Bechulle and Dianan put enchantment on the trees, stones and the sods of the earth, until they become an armed host against the Fomorians. Her cave sisters are Erne and Caev’og. In Greek the Celedones (Keledones) are golden singing maidens which Hephaistos crafted for the first temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Sisters: Bláithnet, Bóann , Scothniamh, Finnuala, Meabal, Mell & Meng.

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