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Celtic Hags 9

Cailleach Cumne (Veiled One of Patience) Coventina, Cowentina, Covontina [Comhan + Teine], Chwinbian, Conventina, Covetna, Cohvetena, Cuhvetena, Covestey (Concoct, Amalgamate, Temper, Blend, Coalesce, Mix, Compound) Ninianne, Nimue, Vi-Vianna, Co-Vianna, Vienne, Nivienne, Viviane del Acqs, Vivienne, Vivlain (Alive) Godiva, Epona (Divine Horse, Great Wave)
Llianth(‘th’ ee' ahnth)Storm MoonJanuary
Carmoil(kar moy' l)Chaste MoonFebruary
Haemgild(hayeem' gilt)Seed MoonMarch
Gidhet(gee eht')Flower MoonApril
Duharkat(dwâr kît')Dyad MoonMay
Rodlima(rud lee may')Mead MoonJune
Bemgusith (bem güs' eeth)Wyrt MoonJuly
Culendom(cu' lin dum)Barley MoonAugust
Alverci(al ver' see)Blood MoonSeptember
Shar’tanog(shar' tuh näg') Dying Moon
13th Moon
Sept 29 & Oct 10
Maghieden(mohg hee' dhen)Snow MoonOctober
Oveanh(oo vin') Sleeping MoonNovember
Hunlidh(hün' lee)Dreaming MoonDecember
Blue Moon Second Full Moon in same month
DeosilWaxing Moon: Crescent
Augusta Sancta: DEAE COVENTINE COH I CVBERNORVM AVR CAMPESTER V[otum] P[osuit] L[ibens] A[nimo]: Goddess Coventina Coh, sail, recline anew One of the Plain. I consecrate, set, willingly, give life. DE CONVETI VOT RETVLIT MAVS OPTIO CHO P FRIXIAV

Trembling with fatigue he sat himself on a rock and broke a piece off his cake. ‘Spare me a morsel, Ardan son of Gorla,’ asked a raven, fluttering down towards him. ‘Seek food elsewhere, O bearer of ill-news,’ answered Ardan son of Gorla; ‘it is but little I have for myself.’ ...On and on went he till the little birds flew to their nests, and the brightness died out of the sky, and a darkness fell over the earth. On and on, and on, till at last he saw a beam of light streaming from a house and hastened towards it.
 The door was opened and he entered, but paused when he beheld an old man lying on a bench by the fire, while seated opposite him was a maiden combing out the locks of her golden hair with a comb of silver. ‘Welcome, fair youth,’ said the old man, turning his head. ‘Sit down and warm yourself, and tell me how fares the outer world. It is long since I have seen it. ’ – The Adventures of Covan the Brown-Haired. Sons of Usne: Water of Life.

And you who seek to know Me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

(pron. KUM-in, eh-POH-nah) Triple goddess worshipped in Gaule, the Rhineland, Yugoslavia, Rome from the 1st to 4th century A.D. Her feast day is December 18th. Statues depict her riding side saddle on a mare or between two horses. Diety of the Convenae tribe of St. Bertrand de Comminges. Goddess of Coventry. Called Lady Luck, she is a goddess of healing wells, springs, fertility, inspiration and prophecy. She is the daughter of moon and water and a mist of incense curls around her. Women who go to her springs are promised a safe birth and men are restored lost vitality. Her well and Temple at the Carrawburgh in Northumberland has two springs. She is pictured with a naked torso, clad in waves. A coven of thirteen represents the thirteen lunar months. cyfammod, comanant, cùmhnant: Latin convenire. She assisted the god Mongán in rescuing his wife from the clutches of King Brandubh: Black Raven by changing herself into beautiful princess Ibhell: Shining Cheek to seduce Brandubh and make him give up Dubh Lacha: Black Duck. It worked. She has the power to walk on water. She can take the form of a horse, woman, or stream. Irish kings were symbolically united with a white mare up to the 11th century. The Divine Horse still stands on a hillside at Uffington, 370 feet long, carved in chalk. Her dark counterpart, the Black Mare or Night Mare: Melanippe. As Vivian she is the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton / Brécélien / Brecelien, Brocéliande, Brittany, who has copper plaited hair twisted high on the head with a band of gold, hazel eyes, milky white skin, rosy lips, green velvet gown with gold at waist and throat, gold on her arms and ears and carries a yew sceptre. Brécélien has a magic stone behind the fountain and is shaded by an Oak. She raised Sir Lancelot beneath the murky waters of Dozmary Pool, Bodhmin Moor, Devon, Cornwall. Merlin fell in love with her at her huge hollow oak chapel that looks like a tower of ivied masonwork and taught her all his mystical powers. She became his scribe, recorded his prophecies, and imprisoned him in four walls of a hollow Glass Tower in Brocèliande; washing his feet, crying tears of glittery sunlight behind a rainshower, and bringing him spring water from her cupped hands. They have sacred sex on Midsummer’s Eve The pale blood of the wizard at her touch Took gayer colours, like an opal warmed. The castle dissappears and the garden area left where they have had sex is called Joyous Garden. It is filled with églantine roses. He returns the next year to live with her in Brocèliande forever. She eats blackberries by his tomb. In Narbona: Narbonne, Gaule she is one of the three Queens who escorts King Arthur to Avalon. Her symbol is a milky white pearl and angelica. Some say she is the daughter of Cadeu, King of the Redonnes. Her crystal castle is at the bottom of the lake of Pas-du-Houx. Her island-world is called the Land of Maidens. She is the leader of the Floriales / Floralières: Flower Faeries. They live below ground in oak groves and have milky white wings. They give birth to flowers and decorate her altars with bluebells and martagon lilies. They eat cherries, grapes, berries and Janrinette pears. They cook sap in winter and distill parigline: sasparilla-root beer. In the movie Chocolat she wears a red hooded cloak with her daughter Anouk in an identical cloak. Her daughters with Merlin are Ygerne and Maugause and she is Queen of the Dragons. (57, 59, 71, 76, 80, 107, 108, 111, 171, 197, 232, 245)

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