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[Hazel]Coll, Coull, Collen, Coll-widen, Quel-Vezenn, Càlltuinn, Càlldainn, Càllduinn, Cailtin, Colluinn, Colleen (Hazel) Colm, Koulm, Colombe, Columbine (Dove)
(pron. kuhl-LEEN, KOOLM, KOOL-mah) Breton goddess. Her consort is Lanceor and they are buried in the same tomb. In Mallory’s Le Mort d’Arthur: The Death of Arthur she kills herself with his sword and King Mark of Cornwall constructs their tomb. Hazel can take the form of a beautiful green-eyed woman who guards churchyards and can levitate over steeples. Cro coull: hazel nut. dhone: brown, brown-haired, hazel, swarthy, dark-skinned. In the 15th century, a recipe for summoning a fairy involves burying hazel wands: calbh/colba ‘under some hill whereas you suppose fayries haunt’ These hills are called Hollow Hills and are very dangerous. Legend says the Reverend Kirk died at one. They are barrows [beorh: hill], the site of ancient pre-Christian graveyards. To make hazel wands: wood must be cut when the moon is new, & in a perfect crescent. It should have 9 ends or twigs, & be taken from an old hedge. The rod is held in the hand so that 2 tips are firmly grasped. The stem then points to hidden things. If the point of the forked hazel is held firmly in each hand, & 1 of the twigs bends to the ground, then you have found it. The Hazel is the Tree of Knowledge. (6, 20:2, 71, 73, 191)
Ballets represent Columbine: Holy Dove as the mandolin serenaded lover of the poet Pierrot: Moon Stone. She is 1 of the Cailleach Càlltuinn: Hags of Hazel, fertility goddesses of healing & inspiration who stand next to the Well of Knowledge; a taste of the water brings power, with her sisters Cuillen: Holly-Holm Oak Tree, Éirne: Iron Lake Monster & Caev’og: Beloved. The center of Latiaran: Breast of Light’s cult is Cullen: Hazel or Cuilinn Uí Chaoimh. In Celtic folk-takes fairy ladies often turn themselves into white doves, as in the story of The White-Milk Deer.
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