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Celtic Hags 7

Muir Larteach, Muileateach (Sea House)
(pron. Mirockt, MUI-leer-toch) Hideous, bald, Scottish Highlands hag, with a blue-grey face and one eye. She lives under the sea and causes storms. She takes the shape of an old woman and knocks on fishermen’s doors for shelter. Once inside she takes the shape of a giant and destroys the house. She can restore the dead to life by placing a finger in their mouths, and carries a balm to heal the sick. Her symbol is glesi: obsidian. Joseph Campbell, describes her as being a bui: yellow sea-monster who is slain at midsummer with the combined power of: Fionn: White , Dhuinne: Black King’s three sons, Cearbhal: Love Song, Ciar Dubh: Dark Black, Diarmaid: Healer, Iall o’Buidhne: Iall of the Yellow, Iollainn: Dawn, Oisean: Little Fawn, Oscar: Deer Lover, Glaisean o’Damhach: of the Antlered Deer (GLAY-shen oh DAH-ack) and Ard Amhard: Great Height (pron. art AH-erd). (31, 255)
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