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Queens: C

Cristant (The Annointed) Chrysothemis (Greek: Annointed One of Good Nature) Chryseïs, Khryseis, Khrysïís (Daughter of Golden) Astynomê (Golden Rose) Tser Etiann (Pale Queen)

You know; since you know why must I tell you all this?
We went against Thebe, the sacred city of Eetion,
and the city we sacked, and carried everything back to this place,
and the sons of the Achaians made a fair distribution
and for Atreus’ son they chose out Chryseïs of the fair cheeks.
– Homer’s The Iliad Book 1, 365-9

Andromachê, the daughter of high-hearted Eetion;
Eetion, who had dwelt underneath wooded Plakos,
in Thebe below Plakos, lord over the Kilikian people.
It was his daughter who was given to Hektor of the bronze helm
– Homer’s The Iliad Book 6, 395-8

She brought out a package wrapped in golden-white tissue paper and twine, sat down, and carefully unwrapped it. Inside was a dress of fine silky linen the same colour as the paper, embroidered with intricate patterns and stylized animals in gold and silver thread like viking filigree-work. Underneath was a black cloth bag with a plain line drawstring, lying on a chemise of the finest, unbleached goat’s wool, finely knit into a soft downy fabric that seemed to radiate warmth.
 Innocence lay the sark beside her on the bed as Tser Etiann emptied the bag. There before her, were armbands of Tsaghedi filigree work in gold and silver, inset with precious stones; a torque and bracelets of golden woven like rope, animal heads at either end — wolves and bears and wild cats with jewelled or amber eyes; and a snood of gold and linen thread and large white pearls, with open filigree combs of fine silver set with jewels. Next she brought out a wooden box, graven with runes and images of men, and trees, and ships and strange creatures; and inlaid with ivory. Inside were an ox-horn, samewise graven; a round flask of orange-hued glass containing ‘Johnson’s baby oil’; and a tiny vial of some dark green liquid, which Tser Etiann carefully laid aside....She warmed the oil and poured a little into the horn, and then added a tiny drop of the green liquid, carefully sealing the vial. Innocence knelt, and Mrs Sammers poured out the oil over her head. It smelt bitter and sweet at the same time, like laughter mixed with tears. Amarie smeared her with the oil, and brushed it through her hair, until she glistened like satin sheets of gold. –Les Immortelles

(pron. crih-SAY-iss) Kin to the Dragon & daughter of Morgana: White Sea. She is mother of Anghaud: Traveling Sun, Sgilti & Cathelin: Grain. She became Duchess of Ys. Her consort is Geraint: The Blue Bard. Peredur: Steel Arms spent 14 years with the Empress of Cristinobyl who lives in a rivered valley with tents of many colors, wears clothes of satin, and is served goblets of wine from golden cups. Her sister is Tuirenn: Fire. Chryseïs daughter of Chrysês, the elderly and venerable priest of Phoebus Apollo, is kidnapped by the sun-god and Ethiopian king Agamemnon in the Iliad. She is described as being the mead of Agamenmon. Her father offers a rich ransom, but it is rejected and Apollo curses the kidnappers with a 9 day plague. Odysseus delivers Chryseïs back to her father on the 10th day and helps the priest to make the sacrifice. They wash their hands and sprinkle barley-meal over the sacrifice. The Achaeans feast on the meat of sacred bulls. Her temple is at Tegau. Thebes is a city in Boeotia: Cow Prefecture, Greece & Niwt: City, al-Karnak, Egypt. Etin is a bull. Hesiod’s Theogony says she is a Oceanid, daughter of the Titan Okeanos & Titaness Tethys Morgana. Her Titanide Aunt Themis: Good Nature, divine justice is mother of the Horae: Hours. The Camisards call England Asylum Christi during the religious persecutions of Louis XIV. Her aunt is Briseïs. (76, 210)

Tuirean (Spark of Fire) Tegan (Jewel) Tegau Eurfron (Pretty Golden Breast) Tegwen (Fine Holy One) Tangwen, Tannwen, Tanit (Holy Fire) Tienne, Tegeirian (Orchid)
(pron. TEG-ahn, TEG-ay, teg-AYR-yahn) Fionn Mac Cumhaill: White One’s aunt & daughter of Ogma: Holy Egg & Nudd Hael: Yew. Her husband Illan: Sun the Magician had an affair with Ucht Dealbh: Fair Shape. Ucht Dealbh changed Tuireann into the most beautiful wolfhound eyes ever beheld taking her to the rath of Feargus Fionnliath, on the shore of Galway Bay. Tuireann gave birth to Fionn’s dogs: Bran: Raven and Sceolan: Scolar during the enchantment. She was returned to human form in exchange for her giving up Illan. She is 1 of the Three Faithful Women of the Island of Britain. Her mantle, 1 of the 13 Treasures of Britain, reaches the ground only when worn by a chaste woman. As Tegau: Llyr Merini’s snake clamped on to Caradoc: Soul Carrier’s arm then Tegau’s breast, causing her to slice it off and replace it with a golden one. Her river is in Ceredigion: Red. August 6th is the Tan Hill Festival commemorating personified holy fire. Tanis is a city in ancient Egypt on the Nile River delta [modern San] that revolted against Alexandria and was destroyed in 174 BC. It was the capital of the Hysokos kings of Egypt in the 17th century BC and the kings of the 19th dynasty. The Third Intermediate Period 21st dynasty is also called the Tanite Dynasty. It begins in 1069 BC after the burial of Ramses VI and is ruled by Pharoah Hedjkheperre Setepenre Smendes: Bright is the Manifestation of Re & Queen Tentamun whose Temple Monthu is at Karnak. Lake Tana in the north of Ethiopeia is the source of the Blue Nile. The Temple of Athena at Tegea-Alea Piali, Greece depicts the hunting of the Calydonian boar, built over the temple of priestess Chryseïs. The Don River in East Ukraine is also known as the Tanaïs (500BC). In Rome she is called Dea Caelestis: Slender Diety. (71, 73, 99, 242)

Dicra (Slow) Difyr, Dyvir (Amusing)
Goddess of the sun with golden hair. One of the most beautiful women of King Arthur’s court with Enid ab Yniwl: Life and Tegau Euryfron: Fire Golden Breast. (71)

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