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Kings: O:

Eolang, Eolann, Olan ap Cynan Garwyn (Dawn) Uillen Abradruad, Fer Ulli, Illan, Uillin, Ullan Mac Cath (Honeysuckle of the Red Eyebrows Son of Grain) Ovan, Anwell, Anwil (Beloved) Iollan, Iollain, Iliann (Fair) Iolonus, Ialonus Contrebis (Glade Triple One) Crimma(pron. O-lan, OO-lawn, IH-LEHN, Iollain=EE-yoh-ain) God of trade, merchants, smiths, sovereignty & fertility. His shrine is at Somerset, England. A golden figurine of him is there and he is naked with a close-fitting helmet and spear. He is a magician who had an affair with a druidess Uct Dealv. She turned his wife, Tuireann: Fire Spark into a dog. Ullan promised the druidess that he would go with her if she changed Tuireann back into human form. He & his brother Buinne: Rushing Water protected the goddess Deirdre & the sons of Usna: Water from harm. They rescued their father’s stolen swine & killed the bui: yellow hag Muir Larteach: Sea House with the combined power of: Fionn: White (pron. FEE-on), 3 Sons of of Black King: Dhuinne & Cearbhal: Red Alder King (GOOy-yeh & KARE-ah-vall), Ciar Dubh: Black One (KEE-ar GOO), Diarmaid o’Duibhne: Healer of the Black (JEE-arm-itch o DOO-yn yeh), Oisean: Little Fawn & Oscar: Deer Lover, Glaisean o’Damhach: of the Antlered Deer (GLAY-shen oh DAH-ack) & Ard Amhard: Great Height (pron. art AH-erd). He asked Arthur to send him his beard on cornonation, but Arthur declined. St. Olan’s Well is at Aghbullogue, County Cork, Ireland. A female version, Ialona, was worshipped at Nîmes in Provence. (53, 58, 60, 255)
Ol, Olene (Track Son of Tracker)In nine-fold form he is one of the nine harpers of the king of Ireland: Olc (Wound), Uillen (Honeysuckle), Dechrind (Holy One), Cumal (Hollow), Side (Trinity), Dibe [Dide, Dian] (Without Sin), Bind (Melodious) & Coll (Hazel). The nine harpers are identical and wear grey mantels with gold pins, rings of crystal around their arms, thumb-rings of gold, ear-ties of gold, torques of silver at the throat, and carry silver rods. (53, 58, 60, 255)
Buain, Buinni Buanainech, Buinne Mac Goll (Eternal One, Reaper, Wave, Rush of Water) Iall o’Buidhne (Of the Yellow Grain) Árd-Greimne (High Power) Cichol Grinchenghos (The Footless) Gabur(pron. BOON, BOON-IH, BOONAN, EE-al o BOO-yn-yeh) Irish Fomorian triple god and Lord of Lethra, the place of red brightness. He hunts fish and birds. He killed an army of King Conchobar: Reed’s men defending the goddess Deirdre: Black Sorrow and was offered a mountain to stop fighting. He complied and the mountain turned barren. Father of the goddesses Aeb: Fire, Aoife-Scáthach: Shadowy Queen, Morrigan: Great Queen Gods: Baile, and Balor. He is the King of Scythia in one story. Heroes were told to listen to his judgments because he has power over seat, couch, and food. (18, 58, 73, 80, 97, 123)

Dechrind, Rinnal, Rhain (Holy One), Ríanbind, Rían, Riance, Rience (Little King) Ríoghbhardán, Rígbarddán, Ríordán Mac Indech, Reardon ní Carmán (Royal Poet) Rigisamus (Greatest King)

(pron. REE-an, REER-dawn) One day the father [Ríordan] sent the son to the forge with some chains belonging to a plough; he would have two horses ploughing next day. The boy took the chains to the forge; and it was nearly evening when the father sent him, and the forge was four miles away. The smith had much work and he hadn’t the chains mended till close on to midnight. The smith had two sons, and they didn’t wish to let John go, but he said he must go, for he had promised to be home and the father would kill him if he stayed away. They stood before him in the door, but he went in spite of them. – Jeremiah Curtin: Tales of the Fairies & of the Ghost World
Octriallach, Olchói, Ochall Ochne, Olc Alcha, Ulc Alcha, Olc (Wound)He told the Fomorians: Those From Beneath the Sea that each man of them should bring a stone of the the stones of Drowes and put them into the Well of Slane: Healing. It was then renamed Octriallach’s Cairn [a.k.a Loch Luibne: Herb Lake for the herbs Dian Cecht put in there] He was killed in the second Cath Maigh Tuireadh: Second Harvest of the Plain of Frost. (24, 47, 58, 73, 75, 80, 89, 97, 102, 155)
Caumul (Hollow) Cumal Mac Trenmor, Cumhal Mac Art (Cap, Milk Pail) Díomasach, Dímmasach, Dempsey (Tenacious) (pron. KOOL) Son of the chief of Clan Bascna and leader of the Fianna: White Ones. He is the best piper in the world He fell in love with the goddess Murna and she eloped with him. He was killed by Goll: The One Eyed One at Knock. Liath Luachra stole his magic Corrbolg: Body Defence. (25, 58, 97)

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