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Goblins 3

Bodach na Croibhe Moire (Gods of the Great Tree) Derricks (Oakmen)
Cornwall, England. Little old men created when a oak tree sends up shoots. Their food is poisonous. They were created by the god Dáire: Oak and lived on the Isle of the Derricks before it sank into the misty sea during the First Age of the Sun. [Duir Dair Derwen Oak - The King of Trees. The doorway to inner knowledge. The ability to see the invisible or be invisible. The ability to bar or open the ways.10 June-7 July. Planted in Sacred Groves by the Druids. – Ogham Divination in the Summerlands] (33, 14)

Crawling Horrors, Quicks, & Dead Men’s Fingers
Live in bogs and marshes, avoid moonlight, and come out at night to do harm by holding people fast. Dead Men’s Fingers are grey and icy to touch. There is a mushroom fungus called Dead Men’s Fingers which has a pink, fleshy, tuber. (5, 17, 18)

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