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Kings: O

Oisín Mac Fionn (Little Fawn)
(pron. USH-sheen mack FINN) Son of the Giant Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Goddess Sadb. He is part of the six warrior band called the Fianna: White Ones. At Loch Lein, he went to Tír na nÓg: The Country of the Young with Princess Niamh who gave him 100 swords, 100 silk and satin robes, 100 horses, 100 slender hounds, cows, golden sheep, a coat of mail that cannot be pierced, and a sword that never misses a stroke from which noone ever escaped alive and the golden diadem of the King of Tír na nÓg, which guards against danger day and night as a dowry. He fought the giant Balor, cut off his head and buried him in a deep and wide grave with a cairn placed on a stone tablet engraved in Ogham letters. His children are Osgar: Deer Lover and Plu na Mban: Flower of Women (54, 55)

Raighne Mac Fionn
Son of Fionn Mac Cumhail. (58)

Pog Mac Fionn (Kiss)
(pron. pohg) He was invited to the castle of the god Cahir at Cahirciveen, Kerry for a feast and was trapped inside by and ordered to be killed by the King of Alba [modern Scotland]. Pog and Ceol destroyed Cahir’s army. A hag came with a little pot, dipped her finger in to it, touched the lips of the dead men, and they all came to life. Pog had fallen asleep from the magic music of the hag. The hag fell over him and his brother and spilled the contents of the cauldron on them. They were rejuvenated and re-killed the army and the hag. (54)

Ceol Mac Fionn (Music)
He fell asleep from the magic music of the hag in spite of spearing his own foot to stay awake. After killing the army he was told by his father Finn to kill three kings of the north of Ireland. Then to put the blood into the kings’ three silver goblets and rub the blood into the keyhole of the castle of Cahirciveen. The blood would open the door and then when blood was rubbed on the seats of the Fianna they would become free. They freed all of the Fenians except Conán who was not sitting on a chair, but on the floor. Diarmuid and Goll managed to pull him off the wall and they made their escape. (54)

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