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Kings: D:

Da Derga (Two Reds) Bodb Dearg Mac Daghda, Bôv Dearg, Bove Darrig (Dangerous Red Son of the Good God) / Athirne (Reincarnation) Tanick, Athirne Ailgesach (The Urgent Lustful One) Accallon, Acobhrán (Desirous)
[Dangerous Red’s House](pron. doh yar gah, BOV DARG, Bove-d’Yarrag, TAH-neek) Sun & healing god with a temple at Essarois: Red Eye near Châtillon-sur-Seine. A dedication to him is in Yorkshire. He cures eye diseases. His hostel Bruiden Da Derga (broo'yen dô yar'ga), a famous stronghold on the River Dodder near Dublin, Ireland was destroyed in The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel. The hostel has seven doors, seven roads through it, and seven fire places. Seven cauldrons are in the seven fire-places cooking ox and boar-meat. Contains golden-yellow apples and crimson-pointed nuts of the wood His goldsmith is Len.

 Bodb is the oldest son of the Dagda: Good God and Boann: White Cow. He takes the form of a young man with long hair rolled in a ball at the back that is covered with a golden cup, crimson fringed cloak, silver brooch, white shield ornamented with linked beasts of red gold, heavy green weapons, and two hounds in a silver chain. He gave his only gleaming eye to his brother Athirne: Reincarnation and went to the lake to wash his eye socket. The lake went red from his blood and is called Derg Derc: Red Eye.

 Athirne: Reincarnation replaced his eyes and sight with that of Eochaidh mac Luchta. His underground palace at Loch Dearg: Lake of the Red Eye an entrance to Tír fo Thuinn: The Land Under Wave. He changed the goddess Aífe into an air demon as punishment for turning her niece and nephews into swans. He assisted Angus in finding Caer Ibormetih: Yew Berry. He is the fairy king of the Sidi of Munster. Sidhe Femen. He & his mother identify a dream. His daughters are the goddesses Sadb: Sweet Goodness, Daireann: Oak, Sladh, Mugain: Great Sun. Places: The Galtee Mountains, Sidh-ar-Femhin, Plain of Cashel (6, 24, 58, 64, 71, 73, 74, 75, 80, 89, 97, 101, 140, 171, 241, 256)

Brothers: Cermait: Honey Mouth Yew, Coll: Hazel, Dían Cécht: Ploughman, Digon: Enough, Cathbad, Grannus: Sun: Apple, Midir: Wren: Holly, Tristan: Oak

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