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Queens: F

[Muin: Vine Ogham]Ffion, Ffiona, Fiona, Fíne (Foxglove) Fearcharagh (Best Beloved) Finnine, Finnseng (Slender White One) Finneang, Fínneachta, Fionóir, Fennore, Fennel, Finnén (Beautiful Fair One) Finndebair, Fionnúir (Bright Beam, Fair Eyebrows) (pron. FEE-on, fee-OH-nah, FYUN-ah, FIN-sach, FIN-eng, FYIN-a-wer, fyuhn-OOR, fin-OOR, FIN-ska) Goddess, princess of Connacht who has short golden brown hair, dresses in green and blue shimmering silk, golden coronet jeweled with sea pearls and is Queen of All Ireland. Her parents, Medb: Mead & Aillil: Sun, tried to kill her fiancé by sending him against a monster, but he survived. He brought a dowry of 50 each: blue cloaks, gold broochs, embroidered tunics, silver shields, silver spears, golden swords, bronze shoes, grey horses with silver breastplates & purple caparisons (ornamental covering for a horse) embroidered with silver. 7 each: silver-chained hunting dogs, gold apples, hornblowers; 3 clowns with gilded silver diadems & 3 harpers.

She is abducted by the Dark Man and Dermot, the Prince of Ireland, rescues her. She enchants an apple at the Dark Man’s palace and cuts it into 4 pieces. Each piece takes on her voice and tells the Dark Man that she is washing, combing her hair, leaving, and arriving at the hall while they are escaping on the Druids 365th white horse. She throws a stick of wood that turns into a forest, a pebble that turns into a mountain, and pitch that turns into a tar pool to keep the Druid from them. They are married in Ireland.

She was betrothed to the Prince of Ireland, but refused to marry a man she did not know. Her father decreed she would choose someone within 1 week and held a court of eligible men. The prince of Ireland dressed as Jeremy Donn, King of the Tinkers – with flashing brown eyes and curly red hair dressed in rags was chosen. On the day of the wedding when she refused to become Queen and promised Jeremy she would give up gold to be with him, she was transported to the golden coronation throne and the prince, dressed in gold and silver satin, revealed his secret. They were crowned with circlets of gold. Her father is Ron of the Seal People or Ailean Mor: Great Rock.

Saint of Cornwall Leaca Fionna: Fionna’s Stone is at Moytura Ireland. Kilfinane is the Church of St. Fionan. Cill Fionnúrach: Kilfenora is St. Fionnuir’s church. Cnoc Fionnúrach, Fionnúir’s Hill. Cathair Bhaile Cinn Mhargaidh for fairs. Fiona is in the William Steig Shrek Movies. (58, 60, 71, 80, 128, 164, 181)

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