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Kings: A

Y Fagddu (The Darkness) Afagddu ap Tegid (Utter Darkness) Madawg Morfran ab Tegid (Great Crow, Sea Raven) Madan, Madien, Madog ap Rhun, Madawc, Masek, Madron, Madern (Fortunate)
(pron. uh-VAG -dhi, MA dog, MAH-dog, MAHZ-ek, MAD-ruhn, MAD-uhrn) The raven is a symbol of re-birth. He is born from the brown-winged bird goddess Ceridwen: White Grain when she swallows a piece of the sky. He is incredibly ugly with a face like eels, sun-gold hair and dull eyes the color of mud who sleeps in a white bed. When he is a baby his fingers explore every stone and flower. His mother saved three drops from the cauldron of knowledge to make him more desirable. As a black raven he is the master of the three worlds: earth, air and water and guides souls to the Immortal Worlds. He looks for fresh-water fish under frosted ice in winter. He is a bard who sings in the Choir of Illtyd: Llan Illtyd Vawr: Sun Choir. He and his four sons: Boc: Solar Rays, Roboc, Ribne, and Rodan: Oak Forest [indicates a god of creation] were enslaved by Nemed: Pearl and forced to build Rath Cinn Eich: The Womb of Knowing in one day. Forest guardian for King Arthur. His holy well in Cornwall is the source of miraculous cures. His brother is Iona. (73, 75, 89, 126, 132, 165, 166)

Indech Mac Domnu (Good Divine Son of the Sea Abyss) Indrechtach (Aspect) Iona (Purple Jewel) Ioua (Moon) Yorath, Iorath, Ionnrachtach Iorwerth ap Mareddud (Handsome Womb Lord) Imchad Mac Fíachnu (Butter Divine Son of Knowledge) Eogabail (Salmon) Ion, Ionnai (Lord, To Know)
(pron. UN-racht-ach, UM-ach-a, YOH-wayrth, yo-rath) The salmon of Knowledge. Formorian god, King of France: Vendonia / Vendée and one of 3 Fomori kings at the time of the Cath Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest Battle of the Plain of Frost The other 2 are Elotha: Knowledge and Tethra: Sea. He gathered his army to help Bress: Moon get back the kingship of Ireland after he was deposed by Nuada: Cloud-Maker of the Tuátha dé Danann: People of the Water from Heaven. [ionosphere] After Lugh: Raven’s slingstone killed Balor and 27 Fomorians he became angry and fought Ogma: Egg. In the Fate of the Children of Tuirenn he is Ionnai and his son is Ordan: Golden One. Ionawr is the month of January. The ancient city of Chrysoupolis [Eiona], on the Via Egnata, Kavala, East Macedonia. The Island of Iona is Scotland’s Holiest shrine. The Circle of Eternity is on the Iona Cross. (102)

Now when Bress: Moon had assumed the kingship, the Fomorians: Those From Under the Sea – Indech: Good son of Dea Domnann: Dark Abyss, and Elotha: Knowledge son of Delbaeth, and Tethra: Sea, three Fomorian kings, laid tribute upon Ireland, so that there was not a smoke from a roof in Ireland that was not under tribute to them.

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