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Scenmed, Sceanb, Scena, Scéne (Fox Cry) Sláine ní §Seren (Health Daughter of Star)
(pron SLAH-nye or SLAHN-nuh, SLONE) Mílesian Goddess and sister of Forgall Manach. Her father is Scethern and she is wife of the harpist Craiphtine. She became the lover of Cormac Cond Longes: Raven and her husband had him killed. Craiphtine changed Cormac’s army of 150 youths into birds, put a poisonous spell on their wings, and they fell asleep by the side of the lake. As they slept Scenb came in the form of a hawk, and killed all the birds but one. She was killed by Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound. In the Leabhar Gabala Eireann: Book of Invasions she is one of the seven wives of the Mílesians with Tea [Tea-mhair] Fás [Feart Fais/Gleand Fais], Fíal, Líben, Odba, and Scota [Scotland], daughter of the Egyptian Pharoah Nectanebeus of the 30th Dynasty. Inber Slaíne is named after her. She eloped with Finnchad in spite of Fáilbe Cotatchenn. Her sisters listed are Guinevere, Cundry. § Assimilated name (58, 69, 71)
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