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Queens: C

[Reed Ogham]Corsenn, Corchen, Curchas, Curcais, Cors (Marsh Reed)
Snake goddess. Ngetal is ready for cutting in November & cannavan: bog nettles are used to thatch houses. Canna-reed an ancient symbol of royalty in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Pharoahs used the reed scepter. (36, 71, 108)
Celtis australis: European Nettle Tree a.k.a European Hackberry or Lote Tree. Decidous tree of Europe & Asia, that used to belong to the Ulmaceae: Elm family, but now is included in the family Cannabaceae. Leaves are sharp-toothed, rough on top, & furry underneath. Flowers are hermaphroditc. Small, dark-purple berries hang in short clusters, are sweet & edible. A yellow dye is obtained from the bark. Flexible thin shoots are used as walking sticks. A.k.a lotus tree, hagberry.

Cragen, Crogen, Creachag, Kroga (Shell)
Goddess. (71)

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