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Queens: C

Cain, Kayna, Keyne (Beautiful) Caíntigern, Centigern (Gentle Lady) Caélfind, Cáelainn, Caolinn, Kaylynn, Caelia, Cailb (Slender, Fair Lady) Caill, Kyle (Water Strait), Mungo, Munghu ní Branwen (Darling Daughter of White Raven) Sahannon, Sinan, Shannon (Wise One)

What is thy name, O Woman?
‘Cailb,’ she answered
‘That is not much of a name,’ said Conaire.
‘Lo and many are my names besides.’
‘What are they?’ asked Conaire
‘Easy to say,’ quoth she. ‘ Samon, Sinand, Seisciend, Sodb, Soegland, Samlocht, Caill, Coll, Dichoem, Dichiuil, Dithim, Dichuimne, Dichruidne, Dairne, Darine, Deruaine, Egem, Egam, Ethamne, Gnim, Cluiche, Cethardam, Nith, Nemain, Noennen, Badb, Blose, Bloar, Huae, oe, Aife la Sruth, Mache, Mede, Mod ’ On one foot, and holding up one hand, and breathing one breath she sang all that to them from the door of the house. ‘These be my names, O King!’
’I will call thee by none of them’, said Conaire, but say what you see for me.’ – The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel

(pron. KAYN-ah, KAYN, kin-TIARN, KAY-lin, SHA-nuhn) Goddess of sovereignty with long, knee-length hair who wears a grey mantel and comes after sunset to Da Derga: Two Red’s Hostel. She fortells the death of Kings and predicts the death of King Conaire. She is the daughter of the goddess Branwen: White Raven. She is the patron saint of Glasgow: Green Place, Scotland and her feast days are January 14th and October 8th. She saved Queen Languoreth from the anger of her husband; who had thrown her wedding ring into the sea after discovering she had had an affair. The Queen had 3 days to find the ring. Centigern: Gentle Lady’s monks extracted the ring from a salmon she caught. A ring and fish are displayed on the heraldic arms of the city of Glasgow. St. Keyne: Beautiful, Cornwall is the site of her holy well. In folk tradition, the first one of a married couple to drink from her well will dominate the relationship. Mother of the god Mongán: The White God & the Red Rose Knight. Cliodna. Daughters are: Fidelia (Faith), Speranza (Hope), and Charissa (Charity). Sister: Rigru. Welsh cain beautiful. The Hunter-King takes her back to his own Kingdom, and the name she bears is not Sheen, but Caintigern. She is married to King Connal and is the step-mother in The King of Ireland’s Son. (50, 71, 80, 126, 150, 171)

Having turned serpents to stone, thou didst give thy name to Keynsham, O holy Keyne,/ and after thy life, resplendent with miracles,/ our Father Cadoc ministered to thee at thy repose./ By thy prayers, O virgin, may we be granted great mercy. – Troparion of St Keyne tone 8

Rígru Roisclethan ní Branwen (Queen Of the Large Eyes) Rígru na Ben Edair (Queen of Ben Edair: Oak Hill) Daughter of the god Lodan Mac Lir who rules a magical island of apple blossom trees, wells of wine, and lakes with sacred hazelnut trees with Dáire: Oak God. Her sister is Sinaan: Wise One. Their palace is thatched with blue, yellow and white bird wings and a door of crystal with bronze posts. She sits on a throne of crystal. Her food is served by invisible servants. Her son is Ségda Saerlabraid and she saved him from being given as a human sacrifice to help the land grow by convincing Conn that it wouldn’t work. (59, 63, 89, 94)
Aeracura, Aericura, Aerten, Aerfen, Aerfon, Agrona (Fruits of Trees) Airitech ní Branwen (Worthy House Daughter of White Raven) Athracht, Attracta, Araght, Aróc, Aróg (Fertile)

I am the ancient apple-queen.
As once I was so am I now–
For evermore a hope unseen
Betwixt the blossom and the bough.

Ah, where’s the river’s hidden gold!
And where’s the windy grave of Troy?
Yet come I as I came of old,
From out the heart of summer’s joy
–Morris: Pomona

(pron. a-TRACT, AR-og) Gaulish chthonic underworld goddess known from inscriptions. Earth goddess of the Rhine valley and goddess of fate. She is associated with a 3-headed dog that recalls the Greco Cerberus. Her 3 daughters took the shape of werewolves. The warrior Cas Corach eventually killed them. Her shrine is at Glyndyfrowy: Water Lake. Mainz, Germany Xanten, Italy, Verespatak, Romania. She is goddess of the river Dee. The river Aeron: Fruits of Trees in Wales is named after her. pomorum patrona: she who cares for fruits is represented as a maiden with fruit in her arms and a pruning-knife in her hand. Her consort is Vertumnus: the changer, god of the turning year from flower to ripe fruit. He takes many forms to win her love. A ploughman (spring), a fisherman (summer), a reaper (autumn) and an old woman (winter). The crone told her the story of Anaxarete who was so cold to her lover Iphis that he hanged himself, and she at the window watching his funeral train pass by was changed to a marble statue. Pomona, moved by the story and his changing beauty, yields. Vortumnalia August 23d. Her mother is Damara or Branwen. Her sisters are: Rigru and Sinann. The O’Mochain family are the hereditary keepers of Crux ac Cuach Aracht: Cross and Cup of Aracht. These are venerated in Cill Attracta: Church of Attracta. She was made a saint Her holy well Toberaraght: Well of Attracta is at Monasteraden, County Roscommon, Ireland. Her feast day is August 11. (64, 71, 73, 80, 88, 185)

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