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Morgana’s Twelve Avatars, Margots

The Margot faeries live in the villages of Saint-Glen, Gouray & Penguilly, France near ponds & streams. They take the form of plump peasant girls in clogs on the way to a Festounoz: Night Dance, emit dazzling light & smell like dawn primroses. They eat ambrosia nectar, buckwheat pancakes, curdled milk, smoked chitterlings & kig ha farz. They watch over cradles, crops & the passing of seasons. They dance the gavotte, the enchanting dance by moonlight near cairns, Mount Croquelien & the peaks of the Mené to the sound of invisible bagpipes with the accents of Kan ha diskan. To dance the Gavotte: Little steps. one step forward, one step back, one step to the side toe pointed up, toe pointed down, holding hands in a circle going clockwise – La Encyclopédie des FeésMara (Bitter Sea) Margots (Bitter Sea Ones): Taliésin-Merlin’s female form born on Yns Môn: Anglesey and trained as a Druid Priestess by Mirth and sent to great stone temple of the Druids upon Salisbury Plain: Stonehenge. At Midsummer Solstice Night in June she is given a trance-inducing drug by the Brân: Raven Priests. She sees the whole destiny of the world from The Beginning to The End of Time, and her part. Merged with the god Bran: Raven she is surrounded by swirling mists and sea; seeing a fleet of ships from beyond The Ninth Wave towards the shores of Albion: England and Amathon ap Don in the form of the rising sun. She awakens into Caer Emrys: Palace of the 9, an Etheric Palace created by Amaethon: Farmer with pillars of marble and fountains of crystal-clear water, surrounded by inner gardens verdant: green with plants. She is fed ambrosia and nectar until her health is restored. Gwydion locks her in an iron cage until she speaks the truth to him which he wished to hear. She changes into an eel, slips through the bars of her iron cage and escapes through the torrential rain and mud to the River Severn. She swims upstream, shape-shifts back into her human form, and crosses the mountains of North Wales to Ynys Môn. She tells Mirth the future events she had seen in trance, and dies of a broken heart. (245)

Morgan’s mysterious Fortunate Isles continued to appear in Irish folklore up to the present time. It was claimed that the Fortunate Isles off the coast of Galway nine islands rose out of the sea every seven years, but if anyone tried to reach them by boat, they would vanish. – Barbara Walker: A Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Morgana, Morganetta (Edge of the Sea)
She lives in Gorre and her palaces of gold and crystal at the bottom of the sea are La Beale Regard. She helps those who are dying to cross over to the Other Side of life. She dresses in black velvet or purple & gold and rides a black snake. Her symbol is the raven. In Brittany she protects women in childbirth. She throws the scabbard Excalibur into a deep lake and uses her magic to disguise herself and her men as standing stones. She was decapitated by her son Gaheris: Sun Ray after having sex with Lamorak. Her consort is Urien: Gold and her sons: Auberon: Golden One, Uwaine: Sun Life. She and her three sisters: Morgana of Northgalis, Morgana of Eastland, and Morgana of the Outer Isles kidnap Lancelot for sex, but he is rescued by the daughter of Bagdemagus: Supreme Oak. (105, 185, 191)
Cliton (Princess) Donnflaith, Dunflaith, Dunlaith, Dunla, Donla, Dúnlaith, Dunla, Donnfhlaidh (Brown Princess)(pron. DOON-la) The Lady of the Forest uses red magic, the magic of love. She drinks plain water and infusions of herbs. She influences the fate of humans. Ford of Dunlaíth, Ireland. (72, 80, 104, 142, 143, 144, 145, 197)
Gililen (Yield, Mutual Selves)She is a maiden who collects healing herbs. The 12 sisters are the continua between light and darkness, sweetness and sour, positive and negative, creative and destructive. They have knowledges of the sciences and healing. They play beautiful music, are sensual, can shapeshift, and appear in different places in a moment in time. They can take the form of willow trees, black crows, white doves, green woodpeckers, hawks, shimmering beings in the ethers or dark cloaked figures who sit in circle with the Cauldron of Inspiration in a cave deep beneath Glastonbury Tor in the Underworld of Annwn: The Great Deep. (73, 80, 105, 167)
Gororien, Gorawen, Gorascwrn (Joy)Daughter of the Suevi earth goddess Nerth. She is the sister of Morgana in Vita Merlini. Gorrcia: Gorze, Lothringen. (73, 188, 193)
Moronoe (Tapering Root) Morgause (Mother) Anna Morgana (River Sea)In Mallory’s Le Mort d’Arthur she is the half sister of Morgan Le Fay. In Vita Merlini. she the half-sister of Arthur and her son with him is Mordred. (73, 77, 188, 191, 192, 193 )
Mazoe (Poetry) Zoë, Zoe (Life) Sister of Morgan Le Fay in Persevalus. A river in Zimbabwe that has a bottomless pool closed in by high rock walls has her name. The sound of drums seeps from under the pool. The stomachs of fish caught in the pool contain a ball of human hair. Ro-imbiro King of Snakes lives there (106, 192, 193)
Glitonea (Tragedy) Sister of Morgan Le Fay in Vita Merlini. (187)
Gliton (Song) Canaid (Song)In the Faroese Smith Regin, Sigurd: Victory kills the serpent on Glitraheidi: The sparkling moor. He starts to fry the heart of the serpent, burns his fingers and puts them in his mouth. When he swallows the juices from the serpent’s heart, he becomes all-wise and understands the birds. As the sun colors the morning sky, he loads twelve chests filled with gold on the back of Grane, and rides back home. (142, 143, 144, 145, 191, 195)
Tyrónoe, Tyrone (Hymn, Sovereignty, Old Woman of Avalon, Dark Goddess, Crone of Avalon)She has a hunched back, sagging breasts, and crown. Her breast is Chalice Hill, her ancient womb is Glastonbury Tor, Stonedown is her bent and hunched back and Windmill Hill is her head. She rules the Western Isle of the Dead with its gateway to Annwn, the Underworld where souls await rebirth. The entrance to the underworld is located on Glastonbury Tor. It is guarded by Gwyn ap Nudd who is Lord of the Underworld and guardian of the gateways. (105, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146)
Thitis, Thiten, Tethis, Tethys (Water) Taffy, Taffia, Taffine, Tethba, Teafa, Tiabhal (Beloved, Water)

Tethys bore to Okeanos the whirling rivers, Neilos, Alpheios, Eridanos, Strymon, Maiandros, Istros, Phasis, Rhesos, Acheloios of the silver swirls, Nessos, Rhodios, Heptaporos, Haliakmon, Grenikos, Aisepos, divine Simoeis, Peneios, Hermos, Kaikos, Sangarios, Ladon, Parthenios, Euenos, Ardeskos, Skamandros.
– Hesiod’s Theogony

(pron. TAF-fa) Latin: Thitis: Water. Sanskrit: 14 days of the moon. Goddess of the Titans: Giants. Her consort is the Titan Okeanos, father of the Oceanids three thousand slender-ankled daughters. One of the Queens of the Sea.
 The Mediterranean is the remaining bit of a once larger sea called Tethys. On 4.6.1610 is/was the masque Tethys’s Festival on the River Wye known as The Queen’s Wake. The river Taff in Cardiff, Wales is named after her. The whirlpool on the river is one of the seven wonders of Glamorgan. It contains a water spirit who lures people to their deaths called a winch. People say it is fathomless, and in its cavernous depths a monstrous serpent dwells. (71, 142, 143, 144, 145, 188, 193)
Thetis (Aunt) Logistilla (Covenent)(pron. THEE-tis) She has a snow white breast, diaphanous robes moving with the current, starfish curling around her toes, and sparkling sea-green eyes. Her voice is pure music. Her hair and skin has a salty perfume. She can change into a fish, wave, or flame. In Luodovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso she is sister of Alcina. She gives Astolpho a magic book and horn. Her world has a meadow and a fountain.
 In Greek mythology she is one of the 50 Nereids, sea maidens who are the daughters of Nereus: Old Man of the Sea and the Oceanid Doris/Dorya: Dawn. She is the youngest who receives a crown circlet of pearls. Her sister Amphrite [new goddess superimposed] with Neptune overthrew the Titans Oceanus & Tethys.
 She marries Peleus after seeing him gather yellow sea-poppies at the full moon to make healing salve for Chiron. To win her he has to hold her fast without letting go. She changes into a black panther, a snake, a column of fire, a roaring waterfall, a sea eagle, and finally to her female form. It is at her wedding that Eris Kallisti Discordia throws a golden apple that Hera, Athena & Aphrodite fight over. She placed her seven children into a boiling cauldron of immortality. She brings her son Achilles to Leuke: The White Island in the Black Sea, an alternate Elysium. (105, 187, 193, 274)
Maid Marion, Muirín, Muirgen, (Born of the Sea) Muirne, Murna, Myrna, Murtha, Morna Munchaem (Lovely Shouldered Sea) Gliten (Sea White)

Chuir Muiril mirr ann,
Chuir Uiril mil ann,
Chuir Muirinn fion ann,
’Schuir Michal ann buadh.

Muriel placed myrrh in it:
Uriel placed honey in it:
Murien placed wine in it:
And Michael power

(pron. MAY-D MARE-ee-awn, MEER-ne) Robin Hood. Irish goddess with long black fleecy hair, violet eyes, ivory and pink skin, white neck and shoulders. Her father is Tadg: Poet. Her mother was killed by an avalanche when she was a baby and she shared a crib with Fionn: Fire of Wine. He decided to marry her before he was three days old. Their cradle was a leather sling in an oak tree.

The fish-hag in the form of a pelican promises her an opal necklace of milky white stones as large as hazelnuts full of drowned lights. Fionn is to dive to the bottom of the Well of Segais at the first dawn and get the opals. She eloped with the god Cumal Mac Trenmor, leader of the Fianna and bore Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Sister of Morgan La Fay Known as a Milesian: Honey goddess in some stories. (58, 151)

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