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Celtic Hags 10

Flaith (Sovereignty)
Goddess who appears as a black hag or beautiful woman with a golden crown or golden band on her head. She rules the Immortal World in a crystal throne, silver vat with hoops of gold full of red ale, golden bowl and golden cup of Truth. She decides who will be king. The wedding feast of kingship is called banais ríghi and without it a king is not legitimate. He drinks from dergflaith: cup of red lordship In the beginning of kingship the young man mates with an old woman he meets in the wood. She turns into a young woman and confers sovereignty upon him. As an old man he returns to the wood and mates with a young woman. She turns into an old woman and kills him. In Marbán’s poem he thanks her for bringing the sun and young corn. (6, 46, 50, 146)

Atbér-sa fritt, a mac mín: limsa fóit na hair-ríg: is mé ind ingen seta seng, flaithius Alban is hÉrend.

I will tell you, gentle boy, with me the high-kings sleep; I am the graceful, slender girl, the Sovereignty of Scotland and Ireland.

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