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Arracht: Giants

Faoi-Mhuir (Beneath the Sea) Fomorians, Fomorii, Fomóraig (Those Who Live Under the Sea) Cloinn de Domnan, Plant Dôn (Children of Darkness) Fuathan (Phantom Nightshade) Foawr (Stone Throwers) Grúagachs (Giants)

(pron. foh-WAWR-ih-ans or fo-vor-ee-ans, foo-ar, foo-a ) Original inhabitants of Ireland. They are dark-haired supernatural giants. They are often described as having physcial deformities or anamolies to indicate their supernatural power. Some giants have removable souls that they store in hiding places for safekeeping. They cannot be harmed unless their soul is discovered. Their mother goddess is Domnu: Abyss and they live in the underworld of An Domhain: Black Abyss. In the First Age of the Sun they were chained by the Children of Light, set free by rebels, and stole the largest stone of power, the loínnir: egg, from Emhain Abhlach: Apple Tree Island and created a fortress in the north called Toraigh Island (pron Tory). In the last Battle of Maigh Tuireadh: Plain of Frost which occured on May Day, the Talking Sword of Tethra: Sea was stolen from them by the Dagda: Good God and they took his harp Dur da Bla: Oak of the Two Cries. The Dagda had to cross 9 high hills, 9 dark valleys and 9 broad perilous fords to reach their kingdom. Ireland of the grey world, the glass of Domhan. There is a struggle between the Children of Domnu: Darkness and the Children of Danu: Light, the Túatha Dé Danann. Other stories have intermarriages. According to the ancient accounts in the Lebor Gabala Erenn the tribes of the Nemedians, Fir-Bolg, and Túatha Dé all spoke Gaelic and were supposed to be descended from the same family, the Fomorians were a completely separate race. With separate language and customs. Fomoria is an ancient name for Scandinavia. Naumburg, near Waldeck District has the Riesenstein: Giant’s Stone. (6, 13, 42, 55, 59, 97, 107)
    The Three Fomorian Battles with the Nemedians: Sacred Grove
  1. Battle of Murbolg: Sun Bubble Dal Ríata.
  2. Battle of Badbgna: Crow Connachta
  3. Battle of Chamros: Chewing Deer Laigne

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