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Queens: A

Adecina, Ataegina, Ataecina-Proserpina, Dea Sancta Ataecina Turibregensis (Re-birth, Tribe)
Celt-Iberian underworld goddess venerated between the Tagus and Guadaquivir, particularly at the city of Turobriga: modern day Castle Túron on the Túron River. (Tur/Dur= water) Winter diety of water and regeneration. Her sacred animal is the goat. Her symbol is the cypress which is planted in the nécropolis nearby. Her ancient sanctuary is Santa María del Trampal in Alcuéscar. Nearby is the Parroquia de Santa Brígida, where the penitent celebrate La Octava del Corpus. According to Marcus Annaeus Lucanus the Celt-Iberi were Celtic tribes who survived Nero’s war on Gaule and were displaced into Spain & Portugal, thus the appellation. Spain itself is called Iberia Capasienses: Yew Goddess Land after the Hag of Beara. (70, 77, 109)
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