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Kings: F

Flannan Mac Báeth, Flannacán, Flannagán (Bright Red) Afflawn, Y Fflawn, Fflewddur Fflawn, Fflewdwr Flam Wledig (Blazing Lord) Ffleudor ap Naf, Efflam, Fflam ap Nwyvre (Fire Son of Snake) Flamdwyn (Torch Bearer) Agrafain L’Orgueilleux, Agloval de Galles, Flann Mac Dima (Blood Red) Halwn (The Unsmiling)

The Crystal Egg was stolen from Laheen the Eagle, discovered by Flann, brought up from the river by three frogs & transported to the riverbank in the teeth of a weasel. It brought to his home: a silver lamp, windows, bird melody: blackbird at half-door, lark over chimney, goldfinch & a green linnet at window, evening wren top of dresser, conversation of: hare, martens: wild cats, little black rabbits, hedghogs, squirrels, King of the Wood: Boar of the Bristles, his wife, & their little pigs

...The riddle of his father’s parentage is under the hearthstone of the Hags of the Long Teeth. A red-eyed cockatrice with the body of a black serpent hatched out of a serpent’s egg by a black cock of nine years. – Gilly of the Goatskin
[cockatrice. 1. a serpent in old stories whose look was supposed to cause death. The cockatrice was believed to be hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg. It was usually represented as part cock & part serpent. note: black cock: black grouse]

He is one of nine solar knights: Baudwin (The Golden Rose), Drudwas (Golden-Tongued Knight), Escanor (Solar Knight), Gareth (Gentle), Gaheris (Sun Ray), Galahad (Hair Like Rain), Gawain (White Hawk), Mordred (Red Rose Knight)

(pron. FLAHN, FLAN-a-gawn, FLAN nun, AY-flahm) Triple god who is ten times more beautiful than the god Crimthann. He has dark eyes, red lips, stars on his breast that mark him as son of a king and kindles a fire with furze roots. As a baby he was stolen out of his mother Sin: Storm’s palace by an enchanted grey wolf and brought up in the Hags of the Long Teeths’ house of stone past the Daybreak River a.k.a River of the Morning Star.

Flann was the name that the Hag of Beara gave to Gilly of the Goatskin when he came back to tell her that the Swan of Endless Tales had been hatched out of the Crystal Egg. He traveled to Town of the Red Castle. Dressed in a red robe he brings Lassarina: Flame of Wine, the Rose of Sweetness that never withers, the Comb of Magnificence, and the Girdle of Truth at the Feast of the Gathering of Apples at Midsummer. He asks for seven drops of her heart’s blood which she refuses. When the girdle of Truth tightens around her she allows him to take back his treasures in exchange for freeing her from it.

The hags steal him for servitude to Crom Dubh: The Bent One in exchange for rowan berries. He escapes when the goddess Morag: Sea One makes bird shadows with a piece of glass to distract Crom’s 24 large yellow guardian cats, crossing the Poisoned Moat in a deerskin given to him by Rory the fox. Morag gives him the heart’s blood that is able to transform his seven goose uncles back to human shape.

Flann lives in a palace on an island by the silver moon. He had an affair with the goddess Mughain: Cluster of Nuts. His house was set on fire by her jealous consort. Flann tried to cool off in a drinking vat, but was drowned. Killed by Lancelot: Fair Foundling. He is the half-brother of Tor, son Huarwar. In the Black Cauldron He helps Taran: Thunder, Eilionwy: Light and Henwen: White Sow the guardian of the grail escape from the palace of the Horned King. He is turned into a frog by the Hags of Morva but is restored to human shape. He lives in the city of Ys with Eilionwy-Enora.

Names: ó flainn, ó floinn, flynn As Agloval he is the oldest son of king Pellinore, Beli Mawr, marries a Moorish princess and is father of Morien. They leave Britain to rule the Middle East. His brothers are Percival, Lamorak and Dornar. As the son of Lot his brothers are: Gauvain, Guerrehet, Gaheriet. He later became an abbot of Brittany. His temple is at Loch Derg: Red Lake, Killaloe, that flows into the Shannon River. (6, 58, 71, 75, 80, 89, 147)

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