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Kings: M

Móen, Maon (Dumb) Máen (Stone) Labraidh Loinseach, Labraíd Loíngsech (Mariner Who Speaks)
(pron. MEYN) Ancestor diety of the Dumonii Celts of Gaule. He was forced to eat his father’s heart after his father was poisoned by his great-uncle. The trauma of the experience struck him dumb and he was called Móen. He was exiled to Gaule, recovered his speech, grew up, and returned with an army and burned to death the palace of Leinster, killing his great uncle and thirty warriors. He has long hair in many colors and strands of gold that is held in place with a golden ball. He wears a golden apple on his head. He has crimson cheeks and the smell of wine on his breath. He sleeps in a copper bed with white pillars that have gilded golden posts surrounded by a candle of gleaming precious stone and a vat of mead that refills itself. The sheets are blood red. This is in the palace of Fand which has three trees of purple crystal and a tree of silver. (58)

Mac Moincanta (Gentle Wealth)
God who took over kingship of Ireland when Manannán Mac Lir left and the Dagda gave up kingship. (58)

Moling (The Swift)
God (58)

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