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[Elder: Ruis Ogham]Isperyr Ewingath, Ysperni, Ysberin ap Flergant, Iscawin ap Panon, Iscovan Hael, Ysgawyn (Elder Tree) Esclarimoundo, Escanor (Solar Knight)(pron. IHS-kah-oo-ihn, EHS-KLAHR-ih-MOON-doe) Called the White Flower of fugitive flowers. God of the dawn and son of the king of Armorica. He has sweet breath of the dew. He is the god of love and ecstasy through music. He is the consort of the goddess Esclarimonde. Devotees lay white flowers at his Ivory Sanctuary. He comes by the wild roses at the rising of the moon through swirling foam and is seen as a shadow by the lilac of the cypress grove at dawn. He weaves the three shuttles of Beauty, Wonder, and Mystery into rainbows, the symbol of Hope. (73, 75, 89, 161) :

He is one of 9 solar knights: Baudwin (The Golden Rose), Drudwas (Golden-Tongued Knight), Flannan (Bright Red), Gaheris (Sun Ray), Galahad (Hair Like Rain), Gareth (Gentle), Gawain (White Hawk), Mordred (Red Rose Knight)

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