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Kings: F

Fferyll, Fyrsil (Chemist, Bears the Staff)
(pron. FER-OOL) Welsh god. Ceridwen consulted the books of the Fferyllt in preparing her cauldron of inspiration. (71)

Ffowc (Of All the People)
Welsh god. (71, 73)

Figol Mac Mamos, Fiù, Fiùran, Gwiw, Guiu, Uuiu, Vesu (Good, Worthy, Young Tree)
Tuatha de Danann: People of the Water from Heaven god. At the first Cath Maigh Turaidh: Grain Harvest Plain of Frost he sends three showers of fire into the faces of the Fomorian: Those Beneath the Sea Giants that takes away two-thirds of their strength. At the same time every breath drawn by the people of the goddess Danu makes them stronger. Gaulish: vesu-, vêsu-, good; Sanskrit vásu, good; root ves, be (58, 82)

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