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Kings: C

Celta (Hidden) Celtchair ap Uthecar, Celtchar Mac Uthir (Rainement)(pron. KEHLT-uh) God, Fiann with a dark brown hair, long nose, large ears, course grey hair. He wears a striped cloak, dark grey mantle, linen shirt and iron skewer brooch. He carries the Luain: Gleaming spear. He was ordered by King Conchubar to rid Ireland of three scourges after he disturbed the king’s boardgame by bloodying it with the tip of a spear. Celtchair killed Conganchas Mac Daire, a dog, and when he got to the final dog he was supposed to kill he was poisoned by its blood. Rath Celtchair: Hidden Womb by Dun da Lethglas: Fort of the Green Side, Ireland is named after him. Inis Celtra / Kealtra / Iniscealtra / Iniscaltra [a.k.a Inisfallen] a little green island at Loch Derg, Killarney on the Shannon River honors St. Brigid & St. Caimin. Kelt: A salmon after spawning, before returning to the sea (58, 97, 102, 189)

Cormac mac Cuilennáin: Raven Divine Son of Holly, he’s the one who brought the alder-tree to Inis Celtra; that is, he planted it in the manner of an apple-tree, and God worked a miracle upon it, so that it grew apples on it, just like every other apple-tree, which many people still behold. – The Yellow Book of Lecan

Brothers: Bres Sreng: Moon Embroiderer, Elotha Ecne: Raven Knowledge, Ciarán: Dark, Declan, Coll: Hazel, Felim Mac Dall: Nine Times Beautiful, Conall: Reed, Heulyn: Sunshine, Neb, Ovan, Donal: Dark One (58, 72)

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