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Merrows, Murdhuacha, Morvoren (Sea People) Samhghubha (Summer Bud People) Mermaids, Mari-Morgans, Morganès, Súire, Seraines, Sirènes, Sirenettas (Women Born of the Sea) Ceasg (Maiden of the Waves) Morgan, Morganed (Mermen)

[green-haired mermaid illustration](pron. MEHR-ohs, muroo-cha, MUHR-mayds, kee-ask, mohr-VOHR-en, MORE-gehn) Beautiful faeries that are human from the waist up & fish from the waist down. They comb their long green, copper, or golden hair with fishbone combs, wear necklaces made of coral, sea shells and sometimes cohuleen druith: red feather caps. Mermaids have pink cheeks, large sparkling blue eyes who can be seen in a gowns of sea-foam white trimmed with red & purple seaweed and dark sleeveless coats. They can have tiaras of precious stones. Mermaids lure ships to rocks with their singing and can be captured by stealing an object belonging them. A mermaid has to stay until she can recapture the stolen item. Mermen have green hair, green bodies, green teeth, red eyes, scaly arms & pig snouts. They scan the sea for brandy. Old mer-men have long white beards with threads of gold. They are seductive as they age. All mer-people can shapeshift into cattle.

The Goddess Lí Ban: Beauty of Women (pron lee vahn) is a mermaid who lives under loch nEchach in Ireland & rules Tír na nÓg: the Land of Youth. She has long copper hair, a sweet voice & a fish body of salmon. She wears a sea-blue gown. She was baptized by the Saints & renamed Muirgheilt - Sea Prodigy. Her sister Fand The Gentle One (pron FAWN) rules over Tír Tairnigirii: the Land of Promise which has three trees of purple glass at the east entrance and a silver tree. They take the form of two birds bound together with a chain of gold and appear later at night. Fand in a crimson mantle and Líban in a green mantle. A.k.a Pearl of the Sea. The Gaulish Queen of the mermaids is Seranne-Dahut The ruins of Meroe are in Antakya, Turkey, known in the Bible as Antioch. Meroe has a shrine to Anait called by the Greeks the Persian Artemis. (6, 7, 13, 20, 97)

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