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Kings: N

Noísiu Mac Gorla, Naoise Mac Usne, Noise (Flower of Beauty) Glythfyr, Nwywre, Nathos (Snake) Nissyen (Lover of Peace) Teirnon, Tiernay, Tiernan, Tigernon, Tighearnach, Tigermas (Divine Prince) Teregud, Teirgwaedd (Divine White One)
(pron. NOI-shyoo, NEE-sha, NESS-yen, TEER-nawn, TAYR-non) God of mercy and one of the three sons of Usna: Water. He lives in a tower at Loch Ness with his two identical brothers Ainnlé,Áindle, Ánle, Áinle, Hanly: Hero, Champion (pron. AWN-lee) & Ardan Mac Gorla: Pride They play the Cemrcaem: Chessboard of ivory with gold chessmen in the likeness of kings, priests & fantastic animals from the Orient. He is tall with a clear voice, raven hair, black eyebrows, pearly teeth, swan white skin, blood red cheeks and blue eyes. He is called the Flower of Beauty. He is swift like a deer & leaps like a salmon in a stormy river. He wears a crimson mantle embroidered with gold, tunic embroidered with 100 pearls. His love of the goddess Deirdre is described as having red & white flames. Red for the heart and white for the mind. He is given a yellow thistle by the goddess. He sustains her on milk, red salmon meat, brown deer & white flesh of the badger. The Three Torches of Valor were killed by the ice of a magical frozen sea enchanted by King Conchubar’s druid Duanan Gacha. [They had crossed the wood and an enchanted grey sea] He Introduced the tartan and worship of the god Crom Cruach to the people. Mysteriously slain during the worship of the idol. (47, 51, 53, 58, 76, 80, 160)
His siblings are: Brân: Raven, Ennissyen: Hawk, Manawydden: Sea & Branwen: White Raven

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