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Kings: B

Breasal Etarlam (High King of the World) Bregon Mac Míl (High One Divine Son of Honey) Myno (Body) Ríangabur (Roar) Rhydderch (Exalted One) Riaguil, Riaghail, Righairled (King) Rhionganedd (Exceeding Pleasure) Roitheachtaigh (Possessor of Wheels)
(pron. BREE-sal, REEL, REN gabrah, RH-UTH-uhrx) Mílesian god. His country is Hy-Brasil, an island in the Atlantic Ocean that appears once every seven years. To look at it is to die. He built a tower in Braganza, Spain, from which Ith: Hunger for Fertility one winter’s night saw Ireland and decided to visit it. Father of the gods Ith and Laeg. He built a mound which reached the heavens. He contracted men to work for him for a single day’s pay in the construction. His sister Eithne: Seed cast a spell which would ensure that the sun did not set while the men worked upon the mound. He raped her, which broke the spell and the sun set. Eithne proclaimed that darkness would be the name of that place forever Dubad now known as Dowth in the Boyne Valley. He helped Fuamach: Sonorousness destroy Etain: Waterfall in one story. Bresle, France home of the Catuslugi, Bresse, France the Ambarri. The Milesians: Honeyed Ones were from Armenia originally and ruled the kingdom of Scythia. They arrived in Ireland from Spain. (58, 97, 123)
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