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Faery Places

Tír Tairnigri, Tír Tairngire (Land of Promise) Inis-Manann, Yns Manaw (Island of Wishes & Dreams) Inis Derglocha (Red Lake Island) Glocamora, Inis Patmos (Island of the Saints)

‘In ancient Gaelic romantic tales, mention is often made of Tir Tairrngire, the Land of Promise, Fairyland, as being one of the chief dwelling-places of the Dedannans or fairy host. In many passages this Land of Promise is identified with Inis-Manann, or the Isle of Man, which was ruled over by Mannanan Mac Lir, the sea-god, and named from him.’

Fand: Teardrop of Beauty, the Gentle One (pron. FAWN) owns the Pearl of Beauty that will make anyone beautiful. Her husband Manannán left her once and the kingdom was attacked by 3 Fomorii kings. Cú Chúlainn was sent to protect her and he became her consort. They met beneath a yew tree’s head every quarter moon. She returned to Manannán later and Cú Chúlainn & Emer were given a drink of forgetfullness. Her sister is the sea goddess Lí Ban: Beauty of Women (pron. lee vahn) ruler of Tír na nÓg: Land of Youth. They take the form of 2 birds bound together with a chain of gold and appear later at night. Fand in a crimson mantle and Líban in a green mantle. Dress of Tarraingteach: red silk dress blesses the female owner with divine beauty. Also can be snakes or flowers. Their Matronae Aufaniae Temple near Bonn in the Rhineland has a young woman with long flowing hair flanked by 2 older women with large circular bonnets, wearing long robes and carrying fruit baskets. (58, 71, 99)

When leaving, you have a personal choice of directions from which to choose – but choose wisely. Stand by the Waves with White Horses and King Arthur’s magical ship, Prydwen, will transport you. Under no circumstances should you step onto a sea round divided in two by a shallow beckoning river. Should such happen, you will be pulled hopelessly and forever into the Loop of Tir Nan Og, a perpendicular circle in the air, where at the top you will find yourself upside-down. In fact, everything in the Loop is upside-down and topsy-turvy. It is the modern world. - Virginia Marin, Tir Tairngire

(pron. UH-nis MA nau, GLAWK-ah-MORE-ah) The earth’s 4th paradise, named Inis Derglocha because of a red lake surrounded by gold. Portal is Loch Dearg: Lake of the Red Eye, County Donegal, Ireland. A fantastic island that mysteriously appears in the western sea beyond the golden sun with white waves as big as a mountain and speckled salmon rising up from the sand. Protected by a circle of mountains, a peaceful and verdant: green valley rests in its very center. There is no frost, heat, age, or disease. All things grow in abundance without need of ploughing, sowing or harvesting. Filled with hazel trees, golden-beaked birds, sheep, crab apple and cherry trees with both fruit and flowers at the same time, mountain laurel, hydrangea, cattail, lowbush blueberry and bunchberry, and a carpet of wintergreen. Butterflies fly through the air, rabbits play, azeleas & nightshade bloom perpetually.

A plain of clover & the pristine Lóch Luchra: Lake of the Dwarfs / Leprechauns marks the center of Manannan’s City. Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, is seen on the shores in the early morning mist when the rising sun dusts the mountain peaks with gold, near a weeping willow tree. ‘The lily pond. under its branches has stones that lead to the wishing well. Cast your wishes into the well with a flower petal and closed eyes.’ A shining fountain of Knowledge with 5 streams flowing out of it & 9 hazel trees. The purple hazenuts fall into the well, and the 5 salmon, sever them, and send their husks floating down the streams.

Manannán’s City has palaces of bronze, white marble, gold, silver and houses of white silver thatched with white birds’ wings. At the golden palace, where the ancient Kings of Ireland live, Tadhg meets Cesair: Pollen, daughter of Noah’s son Bethra: Birch, who dwells in everlasting life. The silver palace holds Veniusa, a daughter of Adam. [Her 3 sisters: Letiusa, Aliusa, Eliusa rule magical countries]. The white marble palace with floors of silver, doors of gold, and crystal-gemmed walls houses Cliodna: Shapely One escorted by three birds which eat from magic apples and heal the sick with their sweet songs She gives Tadhg her emerald cup that will turn water into wine.

Manannán ruling from his conch shell throne at the Bronze Palace: The Palace of the Guarded Flame with his mermaid wife Fand: Teardrop of Beauty, the Gentle One (pron. FAWN) carries the Ring of Tairnigiri that controls the weather. 3 trees of purple glass and a silver tree guard the east entrance, Móen: Silent One sleeps in a copper canopied bed with blood red sheets, gold-gilded white posts surrounded by a candle and a vat of mead that refills itself. When Cormac Mac Art: Raven returned Manannán’s glittering silver faery branch with nine red apples [other stories: three gold apples] he was fed wild boar meat from 7 regenerating boars & drink from 7 white cows with endless milk. Cormac was given a golden cup that splits lies into 4 pieces and unites truths & a tablecloth of endless food. [Worlds List] (45, 58, 99, 111, 210)

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