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Eachtra: Adventures of Tadg at Loch Derg

Tadg: Poet (pron. TAHG) and his men set sail from Ireland by boat and found an enchanted island, inis derglocha, filled with hazel trees, apple trees with both fruit and flowers at the same time, golden-beaked birds, salmon, and sheep. They came to a plain of clover with palaces of white marble, gold, and silver. At the golden palace, where the ancient Kings of Ireland live, he met Cesair, daughter of Noah’s son Bethra, who told him she dwelt in everlasting life. She told him the island was named inis derglocha, Red Lake Island, because of a red lake: Loch Derg surrounded by gold. It was also called inis Patmos she said because of the saints and righteous men who lived there, but remained unseen by men. She told Tadg he had reached the earth’s fourth paradise. The other three being: inis Daleb, inis Escandra, and Eden

Tadg left and met Veniusa, a daughter of Adam. She told him of her three sisters: Letiusa, Aliusa, and Eliusa who ruled magical countries and advised him to journey on to the white palace. Tadg journeyed to the white marble palace; with floors of silver, doors of gold, and crystal-gemmed walls, and met Cliona. The Goddess gave him three birds and an emerald cup. The birds would guide him home and keep him from sadness and the cup would turn water into wine. She told him if he was parted from the cup he would die and that she would bury him when it happened. His soul would come to the Silver Palace at Loch Derg in a light and ethereal body until the Day of Judgment. Tadg thanked her and sailed home to his own land with his gifts. (25)

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