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Nappées (Meadow Nymphs) Nabia Corona, Navia (Creator)

Nymphs of the meadows and copses. They are beautiful, tall, and slender. Their skin sparkles like flowers in the light. They have clear, musical voices that bubble like springs and rustle like leaves. They trill and coo. They have long floral hair that changes color according to the season to match the foliage. The lady slipper orchid and Venus’s Looking Glass flower are named for them. They eat fruits, berries, flower nectar, and water from the Fountains of Youth. Their are 24 of them in the French faery tale The Yellow Dwarf. They dance at night in the light of the tiny lamps of the robin. Celtic goddess of valleys, hills, woods, and flowing water. Her consort is Cornona. See Belisama. (73, 77)
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