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Faery Places

Magh Airthech (Plain of Bounty) Móintalainn (Country of the Magic Hills) Magh Álainn (Plain of Harmony) Cockaigne, Cokaine, Cocagne (Land of Plenty) Magh Aí (Plain of Fire)

(pron. MOY AY) Caíle Teínglass: The Place of the Green Fire is between Crobhinmore: The Great Yellow Land and the Land of Plenty. Its sea estuarys, water of the bay, and footsteps in the sand of the beach light up with green lights at night. Echtrae Lóegairi: Lake Aí is the entrance to the kingdom. The subterranian palace is ruled by Fiachna: Raven Knowledge and Aíbell: Bee. His daughter is Der Greine: Tear of the Sun. The spirit people are seen by the lake side and their music is heard under the water.
Coll: Hazel is keeper of the three duns: bruden: hostels in which the Aithech Thuatha: The People are Re-Born. Coll Godhebog: the Magnificent is King of Colchester, Coel Hên: Old King Cole is King of Cumbria. Water of Coyle at Ayrshire and guardian of the Sangréal. He guards the sacred sow Henwen: Ancient White who brings forth wheat, barley, bee, wolf-cub, young eagle & Palug Cat. Colm is father of the god Suibhne Geilt: Young Pig and the goddess Deidre. Sorrow [He hid her away with a nurse inside of a mountain.] He gathered the tears of Tamsine and made the stars. He then had the Smith create four moons and set them in the sky. [Four is the sacred number of creation]. His home is Loch Ness. His holy well is at Kilmore Cathedral . Mac Cécht: Son of Plough went to get water to put out a fire at Conaire’s hostel. He searched for water everywhere but could not find it because he was under enchantment. He went to Magh Aí, near Co. Roscommon, Ireland and a duck appeared and lifted the enchantment. He filled the golden cup with water. (58, 98, 108, 133) Fresen, a beautiful country south-east of Magh Mor: The Great Plain ruled by Cathmann. He abducted Líban. She was rescued by Tadhg. [Worlds List]
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