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Baobhan Sìth (Les Dames Blanches: The White Women) Sybils (White Tree Priestesses) Les Blanquettes de Dauphiné (The White Dieties) Sovay, La Vierge Blanche (The White Virgin) Bean-fionn (Demoiselle Blanche: White Lady) Baselweibche, Basilia (White Queen) Cran Bethadh, Beathag, Bethoc, Bethog, Bathag (Birch Tree of Life) Betha, Beith (Birch) Beathas (Wise) Berthog (Wealthy) Blancheneige (Snow White) Candida Fortuna (Glittering White One) Góntia, Contia, Guntia, Condate (Confluence) Deae Candidae Reginae (White Goddess Queen) Henwen (Vielle Blanche: Old White One) Balmaz, Balmette, Bâmatte, Bâme, Barma, Barmasse, Barmaz, Barmeché Barmus, Baulmes, Baumaroche, Baumatte, Baume, Balma, Ballgel, Baillgheall (Bright Moon, White Limbed)

Birch: White Tree of Purification, Tree of Life:

Triple Form: Goneril of Albany: White Moon [dearer to her than the light of her own eyes, dearer than life], Regan of Cornwall: Red Queen of Red Oats [middle sister: all other joys dead], Cordelia: Black Swan [youngest sister: 2 suitors: King of France & Duke of Burgundy]: Shakespeare’s King Lear

Goddesses Nematona & Llena, of Frankfurt, the river Gunz at Gunzburg, Germany. She is daughter of Donica & Larraun of Rhanos.

Les Châtelaines Blanches, The Tall Maidens bathe in the Moselle. The Virgin Sisters of Parameix follow an arial path through the trees. ...The Midon Lady killed by her father returns to the ruins of Château Montaigle every 10 years at midnight to cry for her lover Gilles. The White Lady of Offémont carries a key of fire between her teeth between Basil Forest and Haselbourg. Her forests are in Serre and Fau in the Jura Mountains near Dole. – Les Encyclopédies des Feés

(pron. BAAWAN SHEE, lay DAHM BLAWN-shuh, SIH-BILLS, LAY BLAWN-keht day DAW-FEEN-ay, BAN FYUN, dehm-MWAH-zehl BLAWN-shuh, BAH-zehl-VIBE-shuh, BEH-hack, BAI-lal) Fomorian Queen of the Moon & fertility goddess of Cantii: Clear Water, Cantabri, & Ghent: Ganda tribes of Belgium who is the spirit of the Birch tree Cran Bethadh:The Tree of Life letter B: beginning, cleansing, protection against physical and spiritual harm, planted in the shrine at the center of the earth; comparable to Yggdrasil, the Stone of Fal, Irminsul, the axis mundi, and many other versions of the cosmic phallus. Balma can take the form of a horse. The convent Baume-les-Dames near Besançon, Burgundy is Her Celtic sanctuary. Nuns were instructed in bear shamanism and the wisdom of the Muses. The goddess Odilia: Black Swan was hidden there by her mother Berewinde to avoid being killed by her father.

  Blancheneige: Snow White is smooth, white, and beautiful,. She has a succession of poisonings: Laces, Comb, Apple and a White wedding. Blanche’s Causeway, is the luminous effect of trails of disturbed water in the sea. The ruins of her ancient chapel, La Maison de la Dame Blanche: House of the White Lady is at Chavannes, east of Le Val de Fier in the French Rhône: Red Alder Valley (pronounced rohn: the Rhône Glacier in the Swiss Alps contains a clay that makes the Rhône river milky white). The chapel consists of a large rock, high stone wall in a half circle shape near the setting sun and a door in the south part of the wall framed by 2 windows. Northward is an ancient cemetery populated by the Allobroges and Séquanes Celts. The White Lady lives at Chavannes with her sister Lorelei. Legends say she survived the Black Plague and fled there after the death of her sister and close relatives from the scourge. With her treasures she invoked the dark spirits to defend her residence. Her celebration day is Halloween and she moves through November nights. In the Dance of Death she is with the Grim Reaper. Her symbol is the white rose. La Dame d’Aprigny dances in a narrow ravine at Rue Saint Quentin, Bayeux inviting men with an outstretched hand. If he did so she dismissed him after a round or two.

  In multiple form the Baobhan Sith confirm the kingship of France to the Dauphin (pron. doh FAN) at their home of Dauphine (Viennois & Auvergne). They have luminous fair hair, pale snow white skin, red lips, large water-spring blue or black eyes, long white gowns, white veils down to the ground and golden earrings. They help lost travellers, change stones and flowers into amulets, help with childbirth, make cows produce more milk, lessen the furies of storms, help farmers with agriculture, move through fog and show buried treasures. They eat honeysuckle perfume, ivy dew, and turn leaves into gold. Their festival is midsummer during June. Drivers give them lifts home at night at the crossroads and they vanish after receiving a coat. An old woman tells him they are her daughters who died 5 years ago at the house. In dark form they are ogresses who invite men to dance and drink their blood, drown children, and kill with the touch of the hand. Lucy in the 1931 movie Dracula turned into one of these.

  In Arthurian legend Candida is the sister of Mark and died giving birth to Tristram in a forest. Her consorts are Bres: Moon & Saint Finnán: White One who traveled from Candide, Italy to Candida Casa [Whithorn, Scotland] to learn the faith. Her shrine & casket are at Whitchurch’s: Church of St Candida The 12 standing Stones of Stenness, which are just east of B9055 in Orkney, Scotland, are the Sacred Site of Góntia. Crannog: Lake Dwellings: Archeological lakeforts are named after her. crann nm. g.v. croinn; pl. croinn, tall tree, mast, plough, doorbolt crann-athair nm. plough (constellation); inflected on the first element (18, 20, 24, 33, 45, 64, 71, 73, 77, 80, 108, 113, 131, 133, 134, 135, 136, 155, 176, 188, 191, 197)

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