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Cœige Uladh: Noble Place [KOOGI-OLOO]: Ulster, Northern Ireland

Ard Macha or Armagh (Crow’s Height)
(pron AR MA-HA) County Armagh: Crow’s Height, Northern Ireland. Saint Patrick built the Cathedral Church and founded the See of Armagh in 444 AD. The Primate of the Church of Ireland is housed there today. Two ruins nearby on Tóchar Phádraig: Saint Patrick’s Road are Struel Wells and a rock formation called Saint Patrick’s Chair that is part of Struell Hill. (3)
Coleraine Church
County Londonderry: Black Raven’s Oak, Northern Ireland. Saint Patrick consecrated the church site. The stone on which he sat is at Dunseverick, on the shore of the northern sea. (12)
Glenavy & Glenarm Churches
County Antrim a.k.a Dál Ríata: Red Kings, Northern, Ireland. Saint Patrick founded these two churches. County Feor Magh Eanagh: Fermanagh: Plain of the Birds & Tír Eoghan: Tyrone are the final two counties of Northern Ireland. (12)

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