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Lenctentid: Time of Lengthening Thinness

Lent comes from the word Lenctentid (pron LENG-ten-teed), which means the time of lengthening. Welsh llen: lengthening, flowing. teneuder: thinness. The entire spring season is called Lenctentid. It honors the god Llen who takes the form of the Giant of Loch Léin and has the monastic island of Lérins named after him. When Christianity arrived the days of Lent became the forty days Christ fasted in the desert. The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday. The last week of Lenctentid is called Holy Week.

Holy Thursday, Green Thursday, or Maundy (mandate) Thursday of Holy Week is the last day of Lent. It was the day Christ was sentenced to be killed by the Romans. Good Friday is the day that he died on the cross. Holy Saturday is a vigil and Easter is the celebration of Christ’s ressurection. (1, 2)

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