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Kings: E

Esus, Thinesus, Aesus, Eisirt, Esias (Unhusked Nut)
One of the three major Celtic Divinities. God of the tribes Essuvi and possibly the Suessiones, plus the town of Essedunum and the modern German city of Essen. Esus’ sacred animal is the bull and he is depicted with three cranes in relief sculptures. It is said those killed in his name were suspended from trees to die. At Notre Dame, Paris and Trier, Germany he is portrayed cutting branches from trees with an axe. Shellee: Willow. Invocations to him are on Hadrian’s Wall. He is the consort of the Alaisiagae goddesses, Rosmerta. As Esias he presents Lugh with his invincible spear, the weapon of Indo-European sky gods. (24, 63, 71)
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