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Kings: M: Milesian Nine: Honeyed Nine

Airem, Eochaid Airem Mac Finn, Airean, Oireamh, Erim Éremón, Heremon, Urmen, Erim (Plough-Man) Erwyn, Earwine (White River) Ger, Geryon, Gereint ap Erbin, Gerens, Gerren Llyngesoc, Gerenhi (Cry) Grugyn Gwrych Ereint (Old) Cerenhyr (The Blue Bard) Irial Faidh (Prophet)

She gazed upon the sinewed brawn of breast
And on the mighty muscles of his arms,
Exulting in the grandeur of his mould.
And then she seemed to hear the busy tongues
Calling him recreant, in endless tales

(pron. AYR-a-vawn, AI-re-vone, OOR-muhn, GER-iint, GER-enz) Second youngest son of Míl: Honey born in Braganza, Spain. King of Ireland in 1670 BC who foretells the future and cleared Ireland of its ancient forests. He is fair-haired, grey-eyed, tall, muscular, dressed in yellow satin, purple scarf with golden apples on the corners. He went to Ireland to avenge his uncle Ith: Hunger for Fertility, who had been killed by the Tuátha Dé Danaan: Water from Heaven People. His mother and consort is Tephi: Eminent Fire of 1688 BC daughter of Pharoah Nectanbus (She & the Pharoah reappear in the 30th Dynasty). He built seven royal palaces: Rath Ciombaoith, Rath Coincheada, Rath Mothuig, Rath Buirioch, Rath Luachat, Rath Croicne, and Rath Boachoill. He killed the sons of Emer in the Battle of Cuil Marta. At the Battle of Ard Inmath he killed Stirne mac Dubh meic Fomhar, he killed the Fomorian goddess Eichtghe, and the battle of Loch Muighe, he killed Lugrot or Lóch, the son of Moghfeibhis. After the death of Míl: Honey he ruled Spain with his brother Eber Donn: Black Yew. His oxen were driven off by Herculês. He followed Edern into a town and fought a tournament against him and six knights to win the goddess Enid: Life. After slaying nine battalions of knights and three giants he was wounded, and lay dying underneath the branches of a tree. Enid’s love for him raised him from the dead and they became king and queen of Devon. He held Arthur’s sword. When he drew the sword the image of two golden serpents on the sword spit fire. His feast day is January 10th and August 10th. His brothers are: Dywel, Ermid: Golden, Gwynn: White One & Cyndrwyn: Fruitful Growth. His son is Eus: Horror. In Tochmarc Étain: Wooing of Etain Midir won their third chess game and kissed the goddess Édaín: The Emerald Goddess When He came to retrieve her on Halloween all he saw were two swans high up in the air, linked together by a golden chain. She stays in Magh Ildathach for part of the year and the Sacred Hill of Eochaid Airem for the other half. (52, 58, 71, 73, 75, 80, 82, 93, 99, 104, 210)
Aireach, Airoch Feabhruadh (Hearing One)Son of Milesius & Seang. He invaded Ireland on his brother Eber Donn: Black Yew’s ship and was drowned along with the rest of the crew at Dumacha: Black Crow. Miumhe, Munnu Mac Iaulchan Drulan (Terror) Druid prophesying bird. Magh Muagh is named after him. (58, 79, 102)
Amergin, Amairgen, Amorgin (Singing Birth, Born of Song) Amerawdwr (Emporer)

I am the Wind that blows over the sea; I am the Wave of the Ocean; I am the Murmur of the billows; I am the Ox of the Seven Combats; I am the Vulture on the rock; I am a Ray of the Sun; I am the fairest of Plants; I am a Wild Boar in valor; I am a Lake in the plain; –Book of Invasions

(pron. aw-VEER-een) He is the one who goes to Tara and tells Mac Gréine [Divine Son of the Sun], Mac Cuill [Divine Son of Hazel] & MacCecht [Divine Son of Ploughman] that they have nine days to hand over their land to him or there will be a battle. He is God of Justice and casts judgement on men. He appears as a giant, square-jawed, man in black robe and veil sitting on a bench. (73, 120)
Copla, Colptha (Sacrifier)One of the Galicians, the sons of Mil who came from Iberia. Inver Colpa: Mouth of the River Colpa in Laighean, Ireland.
Eber Donn (Black Yew)Two of the oldest sons’ of Mil born in Scythia. Iúr: Yew, fiodh of letter I, associated with, among other things, death and immortality, primordiality, adytum; tree from which all others sprouted After the death of Mil: Honey he ruled Spain with his brother Eremon: Plough-Man. A wind hit his ship while he was invading Ireland and he drowned at Dumacha: Black Crow. (75, 102, 133, 189)
Eber Fionn (White Yew) Caicer (Transgressor)Two of the oldest sons’ of Mil born in Egypt. First Milesian Monarch of Ireland jointly with his brother Heremon. He was slain by Heremon in 1698 BC. Caicer is a druid who rescued Míl’s boat when it was stuck on the Caspian Sea sailing from Egypt. The boat went past Sliabh Rife and landed in Dacia where the boat stayed a month until he said ‘we shall not stay until we reach Erinn.’. He then went with Míl to Braganza, Spain and stayed for thirty years, fighting fifty-four battles against Frisians, Longobards, Bachru. (189)
Eidirseál (Messenger) Etan, Erannan, Arranan, Eirynwych, Eiryn ap Peibyn (Snow Splendid) Eláir (Snow)(pron. ED-er-skayl, eh-LAIR) Youngest son of Míl born in Braganza Spain. Servant of king Arthur. He is huge and ruddy with red hair and bristly red whiskers. His limbs were shattered when he fell on the Milesian boat. He died in a creek after going to contemplate the wind (58, 80, 102)
Ibor, Iobhar, Íomhair, Ímar, Iva, Ivor, Éber, Éibhar, Ibur, Seibur (Yew Tree)(pron. EEV-a, AI-var, AY-var, EE-uh-vuhrr) Huntsman god who slew Mac Cuill: Divine Son of Hazel and took the southern half of Ireland, the land of Gaethluighe: Raven Wind People. He was slain by his brother after attacking him. His sister is Emer. His four sons are: Er [see above], Orba: Golden One, Feron & Fergna. He also raised the god Meriadec. (6, 58, 73, 80)
Suyirge, Ir (Sage of the West)Son of Míl: Honey. In the Book of Invasions he went to Ireland to avenge the death of Ith: Hunger for Fertility. His boat was ahead of all the others which angered his brother Eber Donn: Black Yew. Eber Donn sang: It is no good deed Ir before Ith to proceed. Immediately Ir’s oar split, he fell backwards, broke his back & died the next day. He is buried in Irras Scellic: Sage of the West’s Skeleton / Skellig Michill. (102)

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