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[Sunwheel symbol of Taranis]Amaethon–Taranis, Tàirneanaiche, Tarran, Taranaich, Taryn, Taren, Terrence, Tanarus (Fire, Thunderer) Tárlach, Traolach, Tairdelbach, Turlough, Toirdhealbhach, Terrence (Abettor, Instigator) Tarw (Bull) Dis Pater§
(pron. TAH-ran, TER-an, TER-rehns, TAR-lach, TREL-ach) One of the three major celtic divinites and God of thunder and rain worshipped from Britain to Yugoslavia. His symbol is a sunwheel. The Isle of Taransay in Scotland is named after him. The Roman Poet Lucan, who wrote Pharsalia after he mass murdered the druids on the Isle of Mon: Anglesey, said that sacrificial victims were placed in a wicker image before it was set on fire seen in the movie The Wicker Man. In the movie the Black Cauldron Taran is a red-haired pigkeeper for the god Dubhan: Dark One who is imprisoned by the Horned King and escapes with the princess Eilionwy: Sun and the sun-god Flam: Fire. Clach a’ Thairbeirt: The Druid Stone, The Hanging Stone on Garbh Island, Scotland. “The Hanging Stone came from a tradition that people who were found guilty at The Court Hill nearby, had their heads positioned in the cleft of the stone and were then left to hang to their deaths.” His female aspect is Terrwyn. Thauron, France, Bockingien and Godramste, Germany and Skradin, Dalmatia. He was made a saint. His dance is the Tarantella. §Roman . (24, 63, 69, 71, 80, 84, 97, 119, 184)

Teigue, Teague, Tadhg, Tadc, Tadgán, Tadhgán Mac Nuadha (Poet)
(pron. TIGER minus the er, TYG, TAYG, TEE-gan ) He is king of the moon and son of Cian: Clear Water, King of Munster. He journeyed to the Immortal World and met the goddess Cliodna. (See Adventures of Teigue.) His daughters with the goddess Eithne: Seed are Tuiren and Murna. He had Murna’s fiancé Cumal: Hollow killed. Baile-Ui-Thadg: Poet’s Town, Cappa Thaidhg: Cultivated Plot of the Poet in Kerry, Ireland and Calla Thaidhg: Poet’s Pier in Galway are named after him. Taghmon’s Monastery, Taynuilt, Taigh an Uillt, Scotland (58, 80, 84, 100)

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