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Faery Places

Tir Andomain (Dead Lands) An Domhain (Abyss of the Sea) Antumnos, Ande-dubnos, Andumnos (Underworld)

“It was rumored that the dead lands, which were guarded by the sea giants, housed spirits of unvirtuous people, was at the roots of an domhain and this place of shadows was not sought!”

The cave of Cruachan in Connaught is the province given to Fomorian Giants after the Cath Moytura: Grain Harvest Plain of Frost, called the hell-gate of Ireland, unlocked on November Eve to let out spirits and copper-colored birds.

Caer Dathyl: Deer Palace (pron. kare DA-thil) at An Domhain: The Black Abyss is ruled by the goddess Dôn ap Mathonwy & her brother Math ap Mathonwy: Bear. Dôn is the mother goddess of the Fomoriian Giants also known as Plânt Dôn: The Children of Darkness who have their own language and customs. Her brother Math: Bear as Saint Joseph of Ari-Mathea: Silver-Bear (Ray Burrows: We say Joe ’mathea. He’s one of us) traveled to Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, planted a staff where it took root as a blossoming thorn tree on Christmas Day. (1164: Abbey burnt down. 1260 Burgundian poet Robert de Boron writes French verse of Arimathea: grail & thorn. 1539: Thorn cut, octogenarian abbot hanged by Henry VIII, largest religious commuity in the land destroyed.The saying went that if its abbot could marry the Abbess of Shaftesbury, they would have more land than the King of England. 1908: Bath & Wells Diocesan Trust). Her children with Beli: Sacred Tree in the Mabinogi: Intoxicated Tales of Youth: are: Arianrhod, Gilfaethwy, Gofannon, Amaethon, Gwydion, Dagda: Good God.

 Creiddylad: Black Swan elopes with Gwythyr ap Greidawl and is kidnapped by Gwynn ap Nudd: The White God and taken to An domhain: The Underworld. In Irish stories there is a struggle between the Children of Domnu: Darkness and the Children of Danu: Light. Other stories have intermarriages. The Black Pearls of the Fomorii have complete power over the sea, Gloves of the Kraken, protective Cloak of the Deep. [Worlds List] (6, 17, 41, 58, 101, 133, 230, 256)

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