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Tassach, T-Assach, Tassé, Asicus (Fever, Melting, Soft, Cup, Vessel)
(pron. TAS-ach) biatach a raven; cf. biatach, biadhtach, a provider, farmer. Celtic god who is one of the Three Great Artisans of Ireland with Daig: Oak & Conlaed: Reed. In the Driving of Dartaid’s Cattle his son is Corp Liath: Grey Soul Carrier and they live by Nemain: Pearl River. Clare County Library, Killaloe: Raven Church, Loch Derg: Red Lake, documents his other son Trad: Fishing Spear banishing his father-in-law Lugaid Daelbeth: Raven Fire out of Tradraí by Druidical enchantment. 8th Century Hymn de Saint Fiacc: Saint Raven: (pron. feeagh) St Tassach administered the last sacrament to St Patrick on March 17th. His church Templemoyle is at Raholp: Rathcolp/Rath-Colpa: Oak Womb, Leth Cathal: Grain Side, near Sabhall: Saul: Barn, Northern Ireland. The Struel Wells of Downpatrick. His feast-days are April 14th and April 27. Part of the Elphin: Pure Element Diocese. Tassach/Kaernten, Austria. (80).

Tiobraide Tireach, Tipraite (Particle)
(pron. tuh-BREED-a) God and king of Dál n-Araidhe Ulster who dressed up as a woman with Arthur and 30 men and slew Conn of the Hundred Battles as he was preparing to celebrate Feis Teamhair: Tara Festival. His mother is Aine. The druidess who prophesies it is Aife. (58, 73, 80)

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