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Kings: O

Fomorian god who fought at the Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest Battle of Magh Tured: Plain of Frost. (102)

Onchú Mac Saran, Onchú Mac Saráin (Fierce Hound)
(pron. UN-koo, UN-choo) God. The genetive of this name is Onchon. He was turned into a Saint in the 6th century who collected holy relics. Killanahan: Cill Onchon: Church of Onchú in Limerick Diocese. (80)

Osgar, Oscar (Deer Lover)
(pron. OHS-car) Son of the god Oisín. He has red hair and is one of the six élite warriors of the Fian: White Ones. His battalion was called Scuab Uasáfach: Terrible Broom. Its banner was a broom and they swept the enemy away. (58)

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