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The Book of Invasions 5

The seven wives of the Milesians gave their names to parts of Ireland. Tea to Tea-mhair or Tara, Scéne to Inber Slaíne, Fás to Feart Fais and Gleand Fais, Fíal, Líben to a river, Odba, and Scota, daughter of the Egyptian Pharoah Nectanebus of the Thirtieth Dynasty, Scotland. The book ends with the marriage of Crunniuc mac Agnoman, prince of Ulster, to the Túathan woman Macha. Her twins are born at Emhain Macha (pron. EV-n MA-ha) - The Twins of Macha and she places a curse on Ulstermen that they will suffer the pain of childbirth because of her slight. Tuan is reborn and tells the entire story to 6th century Abbot Finnen. (1, 9)
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