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Queens: T

Teamhair (Delightful) Tea (Eminence) Téite, Téide (Flying) Toreth (Abundant) Torlan (From the River Bank)
(pron. TOHR, TEE-da) The daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh Bachtir Mac Buirech, goddess and wife of Eremon son of Míl: Ploughman Temair gave her name to the hill of Tara: Fire (pron. TAH-rah), the traditional seat of Irish kingship. It is said she came from Thebes. Her sister is Scota Tephi, the bright, who is crowned with feathers, has a staff and brooch. Rampart of Tephi, is a secret place not spoken of, in the east, with many queens’ sepulchres. In Ireland she has a house sixty feet wide. Etherun and the host of the clear grey eyes were sent for her body. They named her burial spot Tephirun. In the Leabhar Gabala Eireann: The Book of Invasions she is one of the seven wives of the Mílesians: Honey Ones and arrives in Ireland with Scota [Greek: Dark One, Scotland], Daugter of the Egyptian Pharoah Nectanbus of the 30th Dynasty, Scéne [Inber Slaíne], Fás [Feart Fais / Gleand Fais], Fíal, Líben, Odba. Jer 41:10 has the Prophet Jeremiah going to the Egyptian city of Tahpanhes with his scribe Baruch, Ebed-Melech, the Ethiopian, Tea Tephi and her sister. (71, 73, 94, 95, 98)
With lips of rosy hue, Dipp’d five times over in ambrosial dew, She led them to their destruction.

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