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Irish Legends: The Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol. I

I. From the Creation to the Dispersal of the Nations II. Ancestors of the Gaedil III- VII. The successive invasions of: Cessair, Partholón, Nemed. Fir Bolg, Túatha dé Danaan. VIII. The Invasion of the Sons of Míl IX. The Roll of the Kings before Christianity. X.The Roll of the Kings after Christianity

I: Gaelige

Seth imorro, in tres mac Adiam is úata atiat fir in domuin uile: Úair ro Báid in díliu sí Adaim uile, acht Nóe cona trí macaib, .i. Sem, Cham, Iafet, acus a cethri mnaa .i. Cobba, Olla, Oliba, Olíbana. Sem didiu ro gob i nAsia, Cham i nAfraic Iafeth i nEoraip.

Iafeth trá mac Nóe is úad útaiscert-leth na Haisia .il Aisia Becc, Armenia, Media, Fir na Scitía; is úd lucht na Haeorpa uile. Grécus mac Iafeth, is úad in Grég Mór in Grég Bess, Grég na Halaxandrach...

...Magoth mac Iafiath is dia chlaind-sin na túatha táncatar Érinn ría nGáedelaib: .i. Parthalón mac Sera meic Srú meic Esrú meic Bimbind meic Aaithecha meic Magoth meic Iafeth; Nemedh mac Aghnumaid meic mPaimp meic Tat meic Sera meic Sriú, clanna Nemid i.i. Gaileóin, Fir Domnan, Fir Bolg, Túatha dé Danann. (22)

I: English

Seth was one of the three sons of Adam and of him are the men of the whole world. Noah was descended from him. The flood saved Noah and his three sons: Sem, Ham, and Iafeth. And their four wives Coba, Olla, Oliva, and Olivana. Sem settled in Asia, Ham in Africa and Iafeth in Europe.

Iafeth, of him is the northern side of Asia- namely Asia Minor, Armenia, Media, the People of Scythia; and of him are the inhabitants of all Europe. Grecus son of Iafteth, of him is Grecia Magna, Grecia Parva, and Alexandrian Greece..

...Magog son of Iafeth, of his progeny are the peoples who came to Ireland before the Gaedil: to wit Partholon s. Sera s. Sru s. Esru s. Bimbend s. Ailthech s. Magog s. Iafeth and Nemed s, Agnomain s. Pamp s. Tat s. Sera s. Srui ; and the progeny of Nemed, the Gaileoin, Fir Domnann, Fir Bolg and Tuatha de Danaan. (22)

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