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The Book of Invasions 4

The Gaels, Sons of Míl: Honey (pron meel) arrived. They were from Armenia originally and ruled the kingdom of Scythia. They arrived in Ireland from Spain. The sons of Míl met the three goddesses of Ireland: Banba: Sacred Sow, Fódla: Fertile, and Ériu: Snow Drop (Ireland is named after her) and their husband kings Mac Cuill: Son of Hazel, Mac Cecht: Son of Plough and Mac Gréine: Son of Sun who told them to leave, submit, or fight. The Gaels conquered the Túatha dé Danaan at the Battle of Tailtiu: Earth; banishing them underneath the earth to burial mounds called sidh (pron. SHEE), entrances to the immortal world known as Tír na n’Óg - The Country of the Young. (1, 11)
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