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The Trooping Faery

Túatha dé Danaan (People of the Goddess Danu) Daoine Sidh, Daoine Sìth (Faery Men) Sleagh Maith (Good People) Daoine Maith, Maith Daoine (Good Men) Seelie Court (Blessed Court) Aes Sidh (Children of Light) Sheagh Sidh (Fairy Host) (The Artistic People) (The Green Children) Coraniaid (Crane People) Corrguíneacht (Crane-Prayer) Tóthail Nathrach (Descendants of the Snake, Descendants of the Dragon)

(pron. TOO-tha day DAH-noo, DOO-nah SHEE, MAH GOO-iv, SEE-lee, NAH-hihr) Immortal beings created by a great serpent, the Green Dragon of Erin: Ireland Danu: Water from Heaven that can appear small or large through magic. They invaded Ireland’s energy field through Sliabh an Iarainn: Iron Mountain in County Leitrim. They arrived with a great fleet of flying ships to take Ireland from the Plânt Rhys: Red Alder People.

They burnt their ships at once on reaching the district of Corcu Belgatan: Red Oats Sacred Tree Fire [Connemara], so that they should not think of retreating to them; and the smoke and the mist that came from the vessels filled the neighboring land and air. Therefore it was conceived that they had arrived in clouds of mist. The first battle of Moytura: Plain of Frost was fought [on May Day] between the Túatha dé Danaan: Water from Heaven People & the Fir Bolg [Plânt Rhys: Red Alder People]. The Fir Bolg: Men of the Bags were routed and a hundred thousand of them were slain, including their king Eochaid son of Ere: Trout son of Salmon Soul Carrier

They then moved to Ageniron Co. Roscommon and conquered the Fomorian: Beneath the Sea Giants They were banished to green hill burial mounds called sidhs: peace places when the Mílesians: Honey Ones arrived during the Third Age of the Sun. The mounds are entrances to the immortal world called Magh Mell: Plain of Honey-Emhain Abhlach: Apple Tree Island. The immortal world has triple islands: the Island of the Living, the Island of Victories, and the Country Under Wave. Brug na Boinne: Milk Palace: Newgrange is one portal. The Túatha: People are young, beautiful with hair of spun gold, copper, or amber, grey eyes, light green skin, and darker green lips. They enjoy chess, hurling, feasting, kidnapping humans, and harp music. They hold a Fleadh Áise: Feast of Age where noone grows old. The knights wear armor of faceted gems. The women wear gowns of gauze, silk, and gold. Their hands are decorated with shining jewels, the moons are missing on their fingernails. The faery palace, called Sifra, is made of gold and crystal and is in the heart of Knockma hill. Their king is Finbhearra. They are also known as the Everliving Ones and are sometimes described as shining beings. They have glass asallaíoch: green magic and can appear as a shimmering green sky light. They guard the Well of Forgetfullness so that people will not remember what they have seen. a.k.a. Trows (In Orkney and Shetland), The Seelie Court’s city is Seel: Blessed. They travel by air at night.. Their opposite is the Unseelie Court / Marcaigh Móra Géala: Great Bright Moon Riders (18, 6, 20, 26, 33, 40, 107, 133, 147, 245)

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