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The Trooping Faery 2

Ferrishyn (Fairies) Sleih Beggy (Little Folk) Mooinger Veggy (Small Ones) (The Crowd) (The Mob) (Themselves) Guillyn Veggey (Lil’ Fellas, Little Boys) Sithichean (Peaceful Ones)
(pron. FAIR-ISH-SHIN, sleigh beargar, SHEE-uh-khun) Isle of Man  Trooping Faery. They are one to three feet high, stocky, with dark hair and dark complexions. They are horse thieves and like to ride them at night. They hate salt, artificial light, horsehoes, silver, halloween hearth fire ashes, and all yellow flowers except broom. They like to kidnap human babies and replace them with faeries called leanamh tacharan (pron. LYEN-uv TaKH-uh-run): changelings and have rainbow-colored faery dogs. You must pass through water to get to where they live. The doors are open once a year on May Day. Singular: Ferrish (20, 33)

English trooping faeries with red caps and green coats. (6)

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