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Faery Places

Magh Dá Cheo (Plain of the Two Mists) Uamh an Oir (The Cave of Gold) Loch na nÉn (Lake of the Birds) Les îles brumeuses (Misty Isles)

There, standing in the heather, was a young woman, not much taller than the terrier. The moon was behind her so that Iain could not see her face, only her long hair. The skin of her hands & feet shone with their whiteness.
Who are you?
We are simply An Teaghlach, (an CHUH-lahkh: family)
The Family?
Yes. A Teaghlach a’ Cheo, The Family of the Mist
Have you heard the cry of a star falling? Have you heard the song a spider sings as she spins her web, or how a starfish calls to the sea when it has been cast out on the shore? Have you heard the lullaby of the mist, Iain? We can teach you to hear these things, & you can teach us to play the music. Will you come with me & learn to hear, & play, ceol an t-saoghail, (pron. kyohl ahn TOO-uhl) the music of the world?
Will I be able to return to my world when I am ready?
I promise you this, Iain the Piper. If you come to us willingly & without greed, you may return to your world whenever you wish. All you need to do is ask.
Then I will come
That’s fine, then. Wait for the dark of the moon, Iain, & listen for the music of Uamh an Oir.
With that said, the faery was gone, dissappearing into the mist over the moor. (255)

[Ogham for King of the Mist]
(pron. MOY DA KHYOH, OO-uv un or) The River of the Broken Towers must be crossed to reach the Land of Mist. The Gobaun Saor says the Glashan: water horse carries people across. Its portal is Uamh an Oir: The Cave of Gold on the Isle of Barra. Damp, foggy with broken ground, scattered high moors with dead grass, black rocks, stumps and roots of trees. The white castle has seven gates: the first gate is guarded by a plover bird, second gate by five spear-men, third by seven swordsmen, fourth, fifth, and sixth by the King of the Land of Mist himself, and the seventh by a Hag with poisoned nails. The King can only be vanquished if he is decapitated by the Sword of Light.

The Earl of the Mist, Buan: King of Scythia, and the Silver Queen Préssina are the parents of the nine-fold goddess of Avalon: Scáthach, who Cathal is sent to learn from. The Queen’s hall is Tre’ Gaer Anrheg: Caer Arianrhod: Silver Palace the Aurora Borealis. A stony patch in the sea that can be reached on foot when the ebb is at its lowest in spring and autumn near Celynnog Fawr, and Dinas Dintle, on the coast of Arfon, Wales. Coed Arian: Silver Wood stretches from the foreshore of the Mumbles to Kenfig Burrows, at Penrice Castle to Margam Abbey. She keeps the Silver Wheel of Stars a.k.a the Oar Wheel that carries dead warriors to Emania, the Moonland. Fedelm Noíchride: Nine Times Beautiful was imprisoned in the King of the Isle of the Mist’s castle for a time. idircheo:area of overlapping liminality between an Domhan-so [darkness] and an Saol Eile [light] Literally between-mist. here the Piper pulls to the first new moon night in the autumn and blew sad ways for the favour of the dead ones.

In Greek Mythology the vale of Enna is where Persephone is kidnapped by the king of the Underworld, taken across the Cyane: Styx River of Sicily into Tartarus. It has a lake embowered in woods, screening it from the rays of the sun. Spring reigns perpetual. Proserpine gathers lilies and violets, and fills her basket and apron with them. She becomes the queen of Erebus; the powerful bride of the monarch of the realms of the dead.(43, 51, 58, 72, 77, 108, 133, 147, 150, 255, 257) [Worlds List]

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