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Faery Places

Tír Ildáthach (Many-Coloured Land) an Saol Eile (Otherworld) Tir N-Aill (The Other Land) Tír Breac (Speckled Land) Tirégan Taithige (Unfrequented Land)

(pron. TEER BREHK) The Gruagath king of the Castle of Uncertainty: Dun Tochluaiste is ruddy and wears silken robes. Taibleish Mhor: Great backgammon table has ivory dice, carved wood, and tables of emerald, gold, white silver and carbuncle. a blind man could see to play with them, and people with their sight could play with them on the darkest night. The Queen, daughter of the King of the Lonesome Land, holds the golden, gem-incrusted goblet of comfort and forgetfulness. Every one who drinks from it forgets their cares and troubles as if they had never been; it is always full. Her beautiful daughter sits on a throne of burnished gold, wearing a silk robe, brooch, and carrying a hand-harp: Cruith. Her voice is sweet and musical. She is described as a shining diamond, a harvest moon, a morning sun. Her eyes are gray like gleaming sparkling stars of a hard frosty night. Her golden, curling hair is divided, and hung on each side like bunches of clustering grapes. When the Son of Ill-Luck steals into her bedroom at night he is caught in her sea: end of a year and a day, he was again at the spot where he had discovered the Castle of Uncertainty; and in his sleep that night he had a vision of his fairy love, who told him to give over his pursuit of her, as she had been obliged by her father to take a husband. Next morning he found the charm gone, and his soul freed from the sighe-spell. He reformed his ways, and became the Son of Good Counsel. (120) [Worlds List]
As time passed, other islands appeared – Tirn Aill, the Other World; Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Túatha dé Danann; Mag Mor, the Great Island; Tir fo Thuinn, the Land Under the Waves and Tir Nam Beo, Land of the Living. One of these islands float. Three are submerged, raising above the surface only at night. Another submerges every third year and remains so for twelve months.
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