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Faery Places

Magh an Ionganaidh, Magh Ionganidh (Plain-of-Wonder, Plain of Wonders, Land of Wonder) Ysbidinongyl, Christinobyl, Mynydd Sìos, Seo-áth Mór (Land Under the Mountains) Kêr-Ys (Citadel of the Below) Llyon Llion (Lake of the Waves)

(pron. Moy-in-eean-ee) Separated from the Land-Under-Wave by a river guarded by a little brown man [red man in some stories]. He carries Diarmuid across the river to the Crystal-Roofed Silver Palace of King Ian: Sun, King of the Plain of Wonder, called the Rig-monath, Monedorigi, mountain-king who owns the Cup of Healing. Ian gave the cup to Diarmuid so that he could heal the princess of the Land-Under-Wave from a fatal enchantment. It is a land of Endless-Day with no morning or evening; always bright. There is a silver castle on a mountain with a roof of gleaming crystal where the raven-haired Cundry: Black Maiden, Guardian of the Holy Grail lives. Inside the Castle is a chessboard that plays itself. Cundry is the Black Serpent of the Gravestone at the Mound of Mourning. [Whoever holds this stone will have as much gold as they desire], the Black man & a one-horned stag with a golden collar. She is Queen of the Undines, water spirits with long green hair who live in the blue, silvery lake floating with white waterlilies. Purple and gold irises grow on its banks. Art rescued Delbchaem: Fair Shape, goddess of the moon, imprisoned in a tower after killing seven hags in the wood, going through a lake of toads and a river of ice. (133, 183) [Worlds List]
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