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Ogre, Ogher, Auger, Augury, Iuchar Mac Danu, Eochair, Eochuir, Ur (Key) Smertios-Ogmios, Ogma Mac Elathan (The Provider-Egg) Egoriad, Egor, Agor (Opening) Obbal, Oball (Refuse to Die) Apartach Mac Áthairne (Rapacity Divine Son of Sloe) Cuindesach

2: Brían of the Oak Shaft, Brion Mac Danu, Brenos Brión (Strong Flame of Valor) Brendan (Navigator) Dé Danand (Diety of Dana)

3: Iucharba Mac Danu, Urcar, Urba (Your Love) Oblene, Obline (Refuse to Pollute) Ailéne (Flax)

That night a long and bitter lamentation went up from Dun Turenn [Fortress of Fire], and the Beacons of Death flared upon Ben Edar [Howth]. For, at the setting of the sun, Brian and Ur and Urba breathed out their souls into the light, and these moved swift to Flathinnis, the holy island where are gathered all the souls of heroes. Yet on their way to join the innumerous deathless dead, they halted once, for they heard a thin voice crying upon the wind. It was the voice of Turenn their father. In 1 great grave before the mighty dun the 4 were buried, erect, and sword in hand. And on a slab midway in the vast cairn of stones that was erected thereon was writ in branching Ogam the names and glory of Turenn and his 3 sons. For 3 days the people wept. Then, as the wont was, Enya of the Dark Eyes decreed the funeral games
Oidheadh Cloinne Tuireann: Death of the Children of Tuireann:

A garden, trees in rows. 200 ... came out, the trees. The giants ...[Not] of the rainbow, but the bow. Not the sharpness of the blade, the strength of the ox. Not the ...eagle, but his wings, Not the ...gold, but the brass that hammers it. Not the proud [ruler], but the diadem. Some buried the idols. Some make their god half demon, half god. ...The Misguided recognize the 5 elements, [the 5 kinds of] trees, the 5 animals.
The Hearer who gives alms, is like unto a poor man that presents his daughter to the king; he reaches great honour. In the body of the Elect the alms is purified in the same manner as a ... that by fire & wind ...The Hearer, the alms within the Church, are like unto a ship: the towing-line in the hand of [the tower] on shore, the sailor is. The sea is the world, the ship is alms, the tower, the towing-line is the Wisdom. ...The Hearer ... is like unto the branch of a fruitless [tree] ...& the Hearers...Fruit & flowers. (271)
Ogma, who appears to have been also called Cermait, that is, the honey-mouthed, was the god of literature and eloquence. He married Etan: Waterfall, the daughter of Diancecht, the god of medicine, and had several children. One of them was called Tuirenn: Flame. Another son, Cairpré: Soul Carrier, became the professional bard of the Tuatha Dé Danann: Water from Heaven People, while 3 others reigned for a short time over the divine race. (275)

(pron. e w-har, aw-guhr, BREE-ahn, yew-ha-var) The 6 Sons of Dishonour: identical gods who take the form of young boys with long curly yellow hair, wearing cloaks of silk, gold brooches & shields. The Sons of Tuirenn: Flame. Iuchar: Key, the tallest & fairest, who was turned into a hound with his brother Iucharba: Flax, the swiftest, by Brían: Flame. They killed the goddess Luaine: Moon with shame & her fiancé murdered them by fire. They chased the magic pig Cian: Clear Water resumed their human form, stoned Cian to death, attempted to bury him 6 times, but only managed to cover him with a mound on the seventh attempt. They were then cursed by Cian’s son Lugh: Moon Gleam to go on a journey to receive: 3 gold apples, pigskin, spear, chariot, Falinnish Hound of Iruad (pron. Irr-ua) & cooking spit. They left Brug Na Boinne: Milk House, Newgrange taking Manannan Mac Lir: Son of the Sea’s boat & sailed to Isberna: the Hesperides: Evening Star (pron. hehs PEHR uh deez) home of the Titan daughters of Hesperis: Evening & Atlas. The brothers turned into hawks & stole 3 magic golden apples that tasted like honey & cured sickness from the Garden in the East of the World. Hesperides, pronounced hehs PEHR uh deez, in Greek mythology, were the daughters of Hesperis (Evening) and Atlas, a member of a race of gods called Titans. The Hesperides were nymphs who lived at the western end of the world. [A sleepless dragon helps the Hesperides guard the apples]. They then stole King Tuis: Pig’s magic pigskin & Brían killed him. In Persia Brían killed Pisear: Prince Charming & stole a magic spear. King Dobar: Otter of Sicily was murdered for a chariot. Brían graciously received 7 magic pigs from King Asal: Pig & hound.

Brían put on a waterdress & a transparency of glass around his head to walk on water, found Inis Cenn-fhinne, charmed 150 maidens for a magical cooking spit. When Lugh found out all the brothers had left to do was make 3 cries off a mountain called Miodhchaoin (pron. Midkena) he prepared for the Cath Maigh Tuireadh: Grain Harvest Plain of Frost (pron. Moytura) & put the spell of oblivion upon them. They pleaded Lugh: Moon to heal their wounds from the mountain gods Corc: Oats, Conn: Sense & Aedh: Fire in the invocation of the sun, moon, & stars. Lugh did not comply & they died. Brennos Brían & Brother Belinsum the gods to whom the Celts attributed their victories at the Allia & Delphi, sons of Tonuuenna: New Sea Wave, who conquered Gaule & sacked Rome.

As a single god Smertius is a Gaulish god portrayed as a muscular, bearded man brandishing a torch at a snake. He is a consort of the goddess Ancamna. A dedication to him is beneath Notre-Dame.

As Ogmios he is the god of eloquence who is a giant skilled in speech and poetry. He is represented with chains connecting him to the ears of people who follow and is a binder god who leads souls to the Otherworld. He creates the system for the learned in Gaule. He writes the first message in Ogam (pron. OH-yam): 7 b’s on a birch, sent as a warning to Lug mac Elathan: Moon Gleam son of Moon, meaning: your wife will be carried away 7 times to the otherworld unless the birch protects her. Lebor Ogaim tells the tradition that all letters were named after trees. Ogham text is read beginning from the bottom left-hand side of a stone, continuing upward, across the top and down the right-hand side in the case of long inscriptions. Inscriptions written on stemlines cut into the face of the stone, instead of along its edge, are known as scholastic, and are of a later date, post 6th century. Ogma carries 12 operations which correspond to the 12 constellations of the zodiac. The knowledge of these constellations being of Babylonian origin. Ogma ordered by Bres: Moon to bring firing every day to Islands of Mod. He captures Tethra: Sea’s Sword and goes on the quest for Daghda’s Harp: Dur da Bla: Oak of the Two Cries. He is the ogre seen with the harp Jacques et Les Haricots Verts: Jack & the Beanstalk. Ogma is given Sídh Airceltrai after the Milesian: Honey victory. Christianity replaced him with Saint Pierre who is celebrated on Lugnasad, at the beginning of August. Sacred Texts Christianity. Issac de Beausobre, Liber de Ogia1 nomine gigante qui post diluvium cum dracone ab hereticis pugnasse perhibetur apocryphus, speaks of an Og of Bashan, who according to late sources lived 5000 years and managed to survive the Deluge, thanks to his giant size. Ogias fought with a draco; his enemy was the Leviathan. (6, 24, 53, 58, 60, 97, 126. 246, 271, 275)

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